Thursday, December 29, 2011

How To Use Facebook Timeline?

Author: Gagan Masoun
How To Use Facebook Timeline?In September month I shared article about How To Delete Facebook Timeline?. At that time Facebook Timeline in demo period. But right now you have a Facebook Timeline profile (you cant go back to the old facebook profile anymore). But don't worry, Facebook Timeline is also very easy to us.

Star your favorite moments to make them widescreen, or remove the ones you want to hide. We will tell you how to use Facebook Timeline.It has many features that make your privacy very simple to individually adjust, depending on what you want to share with whom.

• First of all you will want to do it make sure you don't have any public status updates for unknown person to see. This is very easily done with the "Limit the Audience for Past Posts" option found on the Privacy Settings. You can set the limit on this page for your status easily.
Limit the Audience for Past Posts
• Second thing is you can upload the cover photo to your profile.It will show on the profile header.The cover picture will give a wonderful look to your profile.You can set picture with friends, flowers picture, lake picture etc on your Timeline profile cover.
Facebook Timeline Profile 2012
• Organize your friends into sub-lists of friends. Put your family in the family list, your close friends in the close friends list. This will be important for the future steps when you want to use an audience selector.

• Now Go to "About" (like Education/Relationship/etc) and look for the audience selectors there to control who can see various options of your profile.

About Timeline
• Now, Go to your Timeline profile and wait for the page to fully load.You can see your whole data which you have ever shared on Fb with the full details like comments/likes etc.For each status you have option to delete it or Hide From Timeline.
Hide From Timeline
You can also click the little star to feature this post, making it span the width of the page (to draw more attention to it).

• You should go to your pictures now and you can create a date that the picture was taken, add the location for your picture then the timeline will show the pictures in order, mixed in with your events and status's.
Change Date For Photos
• Come to status point.You can easily update your status with the options Status, Photos, Place, Life Event.In life event you can select option Work and Education, Family and Relationships, Home and Living, Health  Wellness, Travel and Experiences.

Timeline Status Update
• There are other more options like you can set your friends to be private, make your wall posts private if you want anytime, easily remove your friend from your list anytime, If you need any other help you can contact us any time :).


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