Monday, May 30, 2016

MyTherapy - The Changing Face Of Managing Health

Author: Gagan Masoun
MyTherapy - The Changing Face Of Managing Health
For something as simple as taking daily medications, many complications can arise. Timing, dosage, refills etc. are several factors one has to think about, complicated further when one has multiple medications. That’s the first challenge MyTherapy the medications reminders app addresses. By simplifying medications and treatment plans into a simple to-do list, managing health has never come easier, right in the palm of your hand. MyTherapy is a leading Google Play reminders app that also combines such medications reminders with prompts for health activities as well as vitals tracking, for example blood glucose levels among diabetics. What’s innovative about MyTherapy is that it compiles this data ultimately into a simple yet comprehensive health journal, organising your up-coming health tasks. It also reports monthly progress and can be printed out for sharing with your doctor.

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Users can simply scan the barcode on their medications package and set up specific times and dosages as indicated, appropriate even for the simplest to the most complex treatment regimes. The app also has an integrated family support feature, Team, applying a highly valued factor in helping maximise medications adherence. Family members and friends can monitor their loved-one’s adherence to their medications and remind them when needed.

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MyTherapy - Scanning the Barcode

The basis of MyTherapy is built with expertise from medical doctors, researchers as well as patient demand. Driven predominantly by user experience and extensive user testing, MyTherapy raises the bar in digital health by further engaging in medical research. Such results of this engagement has demonstrated the improvement of medications adherence among patients as well as improvement in overall health and well-being when using this app. With an extensive drug database, covering both prescription and non-prescription medicines, MyTherapy is an all-rounded app service helping people maximise their health and to stay on top.

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MyTherapy prides itself in protecting the data of its users. In terms of data protection, MyTherapy conforms to strict German privacy laws, clearly declaring that collected private user data will not be handed over to third parties. Furthermore, no registration is required for the use of this service - one simply logs in with an email address and can begin to manage their health. It is an award winning app that has helped thousands of patients stay on track with their medications and is available for free download on Google Play Store and the App Store.

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