Friday, March 7, 2014

5 Best Online Tools to Check Google Keyword Ranking

Author: Gagan Masoun
Online Tools to Check Google Keyword Ranking
Keyword research is the most important term in search engine optimization. Business companies and blogger want high rankings for their targeted keywords. If you are writing a blog post without targeting any keywords then you are doing wrong. Searching targeting keywords is not a hard job, you can easily find best keywords for your website or blog with the help of online tools.

After writing a perfect SEO optimized post in your blog you need a tool to check the position of your keywords. Because manual process will take your most important time. So below is the list of 5 best online tools to check Google keyword rankings for your targeted keywords.

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5 Tools to Check Google Keyword Ranking

1. Moonsy - Moonsy is one of my favorite keyword position checker tool. It is a free tool and you can check the rankings of your keywords in the search results quickly. It allows you to add your domain + your competitor domain to see where your competitors are ranking for the same keyword. I use this tool to check my blog keyword rankings.


2. SmallSeoToolsIt is another keyword position checking tool of your targeted keywords in the search results. With this tool you can track your keyword rankings in the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.


3. SitemapdocTo check your website or page URL ranking in Google SERPs, enter the domain name and search terms and click 'Search' button to list the results. It also displays all the sites that are ranked above your site in the SERP.


4. SeoCentroSeocentro rank checker also provides you good features to track your serp rankings. This tool also lets you add your compeitor domains and displays a complete report between your domain and your competitor domain it also shows your rankings in yahoo and bing search engines. This will also show all of the competitors domain in all the search engines per 50 results.

5. Yellow CircleThis is the last one in the list it is a simple keyword position checker tool it wont allow you to add your competitors domain it will just show you the keyword rankings for the domain and keyword you choose.

Yellow Circle

So which is your favorite Google keyword ranking checker? If you know about any other amazing tool to check the rankings of your keywords in the SERP then share with us via comments. Thanks :)


  1. Hi Gagan,
    Its good to have this list of keyword ranking tools. A couple of them are new to me and I am quite pleased to have them added to my kit :D. Yes, its time for better decision making :)

    I left this comment in where this post shared, bookmarked, and syndicated for Internet marketers.

    Sunday - contributor

    1. Yes, Keyword research is most important term in SEO. So, we should take care of our targeted keyword rankings. Thanks for your comment again.


  2. Hi Gagan,

    Doing a bit of keyword research and keyword ranking analysis always helps. In fact, I take it as a crucial aspect, which needs to be given due attention by bloggers.

    That's when the tools you mentioned comes handy. They lend a big hand in improving productivity. Went through your list. Happy to see my favorite tools- belonging to smallseotools and Moonsy up there.

    I've heard of the rest, but not really utilized them, since I'm pretty happy with the two I mentioned. Maybe, I'll start using SEOCentro more often!

    This list will come handy for many :) Good work!


    1. Smallseotools and Moonsy are mine favorite tools also. Thanks for comment buddy

  3. Thanks for sharing this! Keywords are really important but it can be such a pain to find good ones.

  4. Hello Gagan,

    My website is not getting rankings on my targeted keywords. I know all this because of the tools you have listed above.

    Thanks for providing information about these tools.