Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How To Put Google AdSense Ads Between Blogger Posts

Author: Gagan Masoun
How To Put Google AdSense Ads Between Blogger Posts
Google AdSense is the number one choice of bloggers worldwide to make money online. Thousands of blogger are enjoying their life with Google AdSense. Every blogger wants to maximize their AdSense revenue. If you are a blogger like me then you should know more and more about Adsense. Today I am going to share a little trick for you for adding Ads between your blogger blog posts to increase the ad-visibility and CTR & revenue.

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Basically, your Google ads put on sidebar(s) or the header section of your blog. But according to the research 80% people like to to read your article only. It means that even if the ads are above-the-fold, such ads won't get a wonderful click-through rate. So, ad-locations need to be replaced so as to break the benchmark.

How to Display AdSense Ads Between Posts?

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard » Layout Tab » In the Blog Posts section, Click on the Edit link at the bottom.

2. You'll see a popup. Scroll down until you search the option that says Show Ads Between Posts. Check it. Note that it says you must configure AdSense before you can configure inline ads. Just sign in to AdSense, and then complete this step.

3. Now, you'll see the configuration options for your ads. Select how often you would like ads to be shown after your posts.

For instance, if you want to show ads after two posts, select "2" from the drop-down menu. Once you have finished configuring your ads, hit the "Save" button.

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Its really simple to show ads between posts of your blogger blog! Tell us about what you think is the awesome place to show up Google AdSense ads. Stay Blessed :)


  1. Putting Google Adsense Ads in between posts is effective in improving click through rate. This is one reason a blogger may consider following this tip. Nevertheless, the tutorial is easy and straight to the point. Thanks for sharing this Gagan!

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    Sunday - kingged.com contributor


  2. Hi Gagan, A very useful tutorial indeed! When it comes to AdSense, the ad unit's placement plays a key role in deciding the CTR and thus earnings :) A well placed ad unit can work wonders, provided that the said blog gets good traffic.

    The ad position that we are concerned here- between the posts, is pretty good. It will certainly boost CTR!

    A nice little tutorial you have provided. You've also supplemented it with screenshots and all. That makes it easier to follow those steps :)

    Good work! I'm Kingging this post at Kingged.com!


  3. Informative tutorial , easy to follow, a lot of bloggers depend on adsense to make money off their blog, your tutorial will go along way in helping them place ads appropriately...

    The pictures added light to it, very thoughtful of you to have added it thus increasing understanding....

    Thumbs up for sharing on kingged.com

    1. Hi Princewill,

      You are right, Adsense is a better way to make money today. So many bloggers are earning thousands of dollars from Adsense. But we should increase our traffic with a quality content if we want to earn more.

  4. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  5. whenever i m trying to do that it giving Error

    "Please correct the errors on this form."

    please tell me how to solve this

    1. How To Remove AdSense Widget Error

      First Login to your adsense account. Create an ad unit. Copy the code of the ad unit.
      Then go to your blogger dashboard. go to Layout.
      click on the " Add new gadget". Then click on the "HTML JAVASCRIPT" gadget.
      A box will open " Copy the adsense ad unit code into it". Click the save button.you are done ads will appear.

      But remember one important task that don't write click here, support me, help me etc in the title of the JAVASCRIPT Gadget. Otherwise adsense will say you GOOD BYE