Friday, May 31, 2013

5 Easy Tips To Increase Google PageRank For Your Blog

Author: Gagan Masoun
5 Easy Tips To Increase Google PageRank For Your Blog
Google Pagerank which in short we say PR is a sign of your blog's reputation. It's a scale of 0-10, The higher you have Pr the much better it is. High Pr is a wish of every blogger for their blogs so that they may get tons of traffic from search engines, guest articles for better ranking. Google mostly updates Pr algorithm after three or four months, probably 4 times a year.

PR updates are very important for your Business, websites, blogs. Previously the update was taken place on 4th February 2013. Today in this article, we will guide you how to increase Google Pagerank easily with 5 amazing tips.

The PR quality depends upon your blog's Backlinks, inbound and internal links, no-follow and do-follow links also matters. Our Blogs Daddy blog has Pr2. Read quality tips below:

1. Quality Of the Content:  Write original and quality content for your blog readers, definitely you will get better PageRank. Try to use more pictures and videos in your blog. They can make your post perfect and attractive for visitors.

2. Internal Links:  Give new life to your old posts by reusing them. Try to use SEO techniques and widgets to show your blog's old posts. Here is "How To Give New Life to Old Posts". But keep in mind that don't give too many links in single post its bad way of linking.

3. Blog Submission:  Try blog submission and increase blog ranking in search engines. Find Social Bookmarking sites such as DMOZ, Pinterest and StumbleUpon submit your blog to get quality backlinks. 

4. Write Regular For Your Bog: Add more content to your blog daily because according to Matt Cutts, Google loves that blogs which are updating content on regular basis.

5. Never Use Black Hat Technique:  Google is very strict now, So, never use Blackhat SEO Techniques to increase your blog rankings. Also I would advise you all to register at least for 3 years for SEO credibility of your domains.

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Here I am sharing some more premium tips and tricks to increase your Blog's PR for next pagerank update.
We hope that this article helped you to increase your Blog/Website PR. If we missed any point above then share via comments below. Keep in touch, peace and blessings :) 

Author - is the owner of Blogs Daddy Blog. Gagan lives in India, has been blogging since 2010 and writing Blogs Daddy Blog since 2011.You can follow him on twitter @BlogsDaddyYou can also follow him on Google+.


  1. it's been a nice article you have out there .
    i agree with most of it and i have one suggestion that , what do u think of the Text to HTML ratio ?
    it is one of the factor in SEO and page rank .

    1. Yes, its ture :)
      thanks for sharing this tip..!!!