Thursday, April 25, 2013

Google Adsense - New 970x90 Ad Size (Super Leaderboards)

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google Adsense - New 970x90 Ad Size
Few months ago Google Adsense launched a new, larger 300x600 ad size, giving you the opportunity to make more money with brand advertisers. Yesterday, Google officially announced about new brand-friendly 970x90 Ad Size, a newly adopted IAB standard size also known as ‘super leaderboards.

This is a 970x90 ad unit. Now, advertisers can promoter their business and products with this new larger size which is designed for ad placement on wider screens.

AdSense Tips: Consider Your Content When Adding New Units

Google Adsense - New 970x90 Ad Size


Google Adsense - New 970x90 Ad Size

Right now, you will see only text ads in this ad format. Because this is a brand new ad unit in Adsense program. It can show up to 4 text ads combined in a column layout. After enabling image and rich media ads, show up ads as 728x90. But according to Google's official announcement the inventory of image and rich media ads for the 970x90 will rise and you’ll see full-size display ads being served on your website or blogs.

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Note: The limit for AdSense for your content ad units still remains at 3 per page.

What you think about the new ad size? Any Suggestions? Are you interested in this ad unit? I am so excited to know more about your future plans about using Google AdSense: 970x90 ad on your blogs or websites.

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  1. great post

    Does it mean this ad unit is responsive because what if someone is viewing on lower screen size?

    1. Google Adsense make responsive ad codes now. You can update in your Adsense account.