Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Is Pinterest Web Analytics and How To Use It?

Author: Gagan Masoun
Introducing Pinterest Web Analytics
Pinterest announced about their new goodies "Pinterest Web Analytics". Now you can track how many people have pinned content from your website or blog, what content is most popular with pinners, and much more. On the demand of Bloggers, businesses, and organizations Pinterest developed this wonderful "Pinterest Web Analytics" tool.

Pinterest Web Analytics

What’s More

If you have a verified website on Pinterest, you’ll get information about how many readers have pinned content from your blog, how many people have re-pinned these pins, and how many users visited your blog from Pinterest. You can also track your most popular and most recent pins. See video to know more about it.

How To Get Started?

1. Switch To New Look Of Pinterest (See Image Below)

Switch To New Look Of Pinterest

2. If you have a website/blog listed on your Pinterest profile with a check mark next to it, you’re verified. If not, follow these steps to verify.

3. Once your website is verified, go to the top right menu and click on Analytics.

Pinterest Analytics

4. It's All Done! Change your date range to see how things have changed over time. You can download your Analytics to sort through the data on your own time.

Blogs Daddy Pinterest Analytics

According to Pinterest blog's they hope to add new tools and more detailed insights, so let us know what you think about Web Analytics tool. Stay Blessed :)


  1. well i still did not know how to use Pinterest at all. i am still using facebook :-l

    1. Pinterest is also popular website to get traffic for blog or website. So, you should learn how to use Pinterest. It is very easy to use. :)