Monday, March 25, 2013

Change Google Adsense Payee Name In Unsupported Countries

Author: Gagan Masoun
Change Google Adsense Payee NameGoogle AdSense is the awesome method of making money online, if you have a amazing blog with tons of traffic. Many bloggers and webmaster are living great life with AdSense. Payee name is not changeable in GA according to their terms and conditions. But, some times you need to change your Payee name due to some reasons.

Today, I will give you solution for this. In this short tutorial I am going to tell you how you can change your Google AdSense payee name in unsupported countries if you're an Adsense publisher.

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What Is Payee Name?

Payee means, the name on which the GA payment will be deliver. Google always send your payments on the chosen payee name (name during sign up for AdSense account).

List Of Some Countries That Can't Change Their AdSense Payee Name:

You can easily change your Adsense Paynee name with once click on your GA account, but if you are from any of the following country then you cannot change your payee name. Check list below:

List Of Some Countries That Can't Change Their AdSense Payee Name

How to Change AdSense Payee Name in Unsupported Countries?

You can change your Payee name with two ways. First is, send directly message to AdSense team and second is via filling a Request Form. I would recommend you to use the manual method (Directly Contact AdSense Team). 
  • Send an e-mail to (
  • Mail subject (Change the payee name)
  • E-mail example below:
Dear Sir/Madam,

I want you to please change my Google AdSense account payee name from "Mention your old Payee Name Here" to "New Payee Name Here" because of the following reasons : 

" Describe your EXACT reasons here "

My Adsense Publisher ID: (pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
AdSense Publisher ID My Current Payee Name: ***********
Country Name: ***********

Thanks for corporation.

Your Sincerely:
Google Adsense Publisher
  • Send e-mail and its all done.
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If you want to use another method then follow given steps. 
We hope that this article helped you to change Google Adsense Payee name in unsupported countries. Are you Adsense publisher? If you need our help then let me know by leaving a comment below. Stay Blessed :)

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