Saturday, November 3, 2012

Switch Back To The Old Compose Option In Gmail - Guide

Author: Gagan Masoun
Switch Back To The Old Compose Option In Gmail - GuideGmail team has Introduced a New Popup based Compose Window which is Slightly Different as compared to its previous style. Gmail is the number 1 electronic mail service around the world. Gmail is very popular only because of its simple and clean look. If you now click on compose button you’ll be notified that there’s a new compose feature and asked to opt in.

I liked this new style. but as some who are still liked old Compose Option in Gmail can get back to it. In this tutorial learn how to switch back to the old compose option in Gmail.

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How to Switch Back To The Old Compose Option In Gmail

  • Go To and Log In
  • Click On The Red "COMPOSE" Button So The New Compose Email Pop-Up Window Opens.
  • Click On The Down Arrow Button (See In Image Below)
Click On The Down Arrow Button
  • Next Click On "Switch Back To Old Compose" (See In Image Below)
If you think that you actually did like the new compose method, you can easily re-enable it by:
  • Click On The Red "COMPOSE" Button
  • Click On "New Compose Experience" Link Near The Top:
New Compose Experience

It is very easy process, but if you need our help you can ask via comments.Note that Google will eventually make the switch to the new compose for everyone. Even if you opt out now, you will have to upgrade eventually.

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