Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Things We Can Learn From My Pinterest

Author: Gagan Masoun
PinterestPinterest is a very young social media platform that is being used not only in driving more traffic but also in making money. Nevertheless, it is never easy to engage in this platform if you do not know its functions and features. That is why before making your account, you should first do research how you will benefit from it.

Pinterest can give you massive traffic as long as you set up it properly. Obviously, you can learn using it by experimenting and exploring. The first thing to do is set up your account. Likewise, you should create a topic board that focuses on a particular topic that you love the most. Add some pins with clever descriptions and you can expect traffic into your site. In the same manner, you can also integrate Pinterest board to your existing websites.

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Things We Can Learn From My Pinterest

Experimental Strategy

If you want to learn from Pinterest, you can use your passion in doing it. If you engage in photography you can create a photography board. All you have to do is upload photos that you love. You can learn other strategies by looking for good tutorials from other sites. It is good to learn useful strategies so that you will know how to make use the most of it.

Interesting Results From Experimenting

  1. As people repin the uploaded images, the number of follower’s increases constantly.
  2. Decent repining is noticeable. Although the number is not huge at first but you will determine which images are getting repined and those that are not. Aside from the image, you can also get traction from the tips-related pins.
  3. Through experimenting you can notice increase of Pinterest traffic coming to your site and it will continuously increase in number.
  4. The comments on the pins show reader’s engagement. Some followers are asking questions while others are asking for tips. As much as possible, you should give time replying on their comment so that they will know that you are giving them importance.
Moreover, aside from experimenting you can also observe and follow some useful information that you can help you obtain more traffic to your site.

Worth Reading:
  1. Research for pinnable posts. You should determine what type of posts most readers find pinnable and build more of them. 
  2. Add pin buttons to posts that are hot. Make sure to add the buttons to the appropriate pages so that people can easily locate the post that they are looking for.
  3. It also gives more networking opportunities with your readers. This is the perfect place to thank the readers that are giving a good comment to your posts.
Indeed, by using Pinterest you will not only learn the trends of social media but you can also share your interest or passion to other people. You can also help in building a community of Pinterest users that are content-focused. Definitely, more people will use this platform in the future due to its sociability, ease of use and scalability. Undoubtedly, the World wide Web is giving us all the possibilities of making money by offering products or services.

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