Thursday, September 20, 2012

How To Earn Good Money With Pinterest

Author: Gagan Masoun
How To Earn Good Money With PinterestDuring the time when Facebook began, many affiliate marketers have joined it in making money. Recently, a new online pinboard was introduced as another way of making money online and it is called Pinterest. It is now growing faster even if it is still in the developing stage. It is because this social networking site is different from among the other sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

By using this online pinboard you are not only allowed to share information, post your photos and videos or comment on friend’s pages but it gives you pin boards. The pin boards are considered as virtual cork boards in which the members can attach the images that may attract the interest the readers. Pinterest can be a marketer’s dream as long as you know how to make money from it.

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Benefits Of Using Pinterest

  1. Specificity – In joining any search-based platforms it needs to practice specificity. This is also important in gaining Pinterest as you need to ensure that the content is organized and focuses on one topic. Pinterest gives you the opportunity in to be an expert in a specific niche.
  2. Visual Emphasis – Pinterest also helps in making the content visually pleasing. In this way the readers can clearly identify the niche as a photography, fashion or infographics.
  3. Content Amplification – If you have Facebook and Twitter account, you can integrate them with Pinterest so that you can communicate updates using these platforms and eventually have the opportunity to obtain more followers. 
  4. Drive Traffic – Pinterest acts as a discovery platform and not a referral engine. However, it can still be used for building awareness. You can utilize the creative pins in putting call-to-action in your description box as well price tag.

Useful Strategies In Making Money From Pinterest

If you want to go viral on making money with your passion, then you should consider some of the strategies that can help you through the use Pinterest.
  1. Online Catalogs – This is one of the important and effective strategies to keep in mind.
  2. User-Generated Content Boards – This is one way of letting other people utilize your board in submitting their own contributions similar to your topics.
  3. Event Management – It is perfect to post events in Pinterest as they are exciting and dynamic. In this way it will be a lot easier to preview the pictures, countdown boards and guest profiles.
  4. Product Launch – If you are planning to launch a product make sure to include the bios of the staff, add suggestion boxes and functionality pins. Through the Board you can obtain feedback.
  5. Contest – Offering contests is an effective way of building a follower base and generate viral buzz about your offering.
  6. Media Aggregation – Pinterest has RSS feature that you should take advantage as it helps in organizing Youtube videos easier as well as in organizing photo gallery.
Moreover, if you want to make money from Pinterest make sure to develop your credibility. You should ensure that while growing your audience you are also gaining trust so that they will get interested about your product and buy it.   


  1. really good article ... i like this

  2. I was using Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog for several months. One thing I notice there is traffic coming Pinterest having very short attention span and not that interested in textual content. So bounce rate also was higher. but still better than StumbleUpon.