Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Easy Guide To Pinterest For SEO

Author: Gagan Masoun
Easy Guide To Pinterest For SEO
Pinterest, as most of you may be aware, is an online pinboard that lets you share any multimedia content within a group. It works on ‘invite only’ basis, which means that you will have to be invited by someone who is already a member using the service. In case you can’t find such a member, you will have to put in a request to the team to include you as a member.

As it is a social media site, it works by sharing photos. Once you sign up, you will be asked if you wish to create a ‘board’. The ‘board’ can belong to a specific group that will be posting related photos. Once your photo is pinned on the board, anyone from the group can ‘repin’ the image.

The primary step that you will take after signing up is to connect Pinterest and Facebook. There is an option where you will be asked if you wish to log-in with either this media site or the other popular one which is Twitter.  You just need to go to the ‘settings’ options you will find there, and use the buttons to establish the links. Once you have done this, all the ‘Pins’ that you pin on Pinterest will automatically appear on your Timeline on Facebook. You may also use Twitter and Flickr to get wider coverage. With millions of Facebook and Twitter users already signed on with Pinterest, you have quite a large target audience.

The next logical thing for you to do to further the reach of your ‘Pins’ is include the buttons on your own website. After you have done this, you will be providing access to your blog users and commenters to share your information through Pinterest. The great thing is that you won’t need any plug-ins and can do it by simply logging in to your Pinterest account and look for the button code by going to ‘About’ and then the Pin it button. Simply search for the section that is titled under the same name and place button code. The Pin-it button will appear on the place where you pasted the button.Read given below posts.

Worth Reading

In order to attract better traffic and have more hits, you need to have a proper back link from Pinterest. You can include a lot of images and share the same on Facebook which helps create better traffic. Make sure that the back linking is done perfectly in order to optimize responses better. 

Google indexes the personal profiles and boards of every person. Hence, it will do good to include keywords on personal pinboards which can ensure improved rankings as far as searches are concerned. You can try out various combinations of keywords that are commonly used during searches. You’ll be surprised to learn that uncommon keywords are used frequently and there is no hard and fast rule for keywords. Very often we hear of people getting frustrated due to the futility of their searches that end in wild goose chases.

Of late there has been a tremendous surge of interest generated in Pinterests and pins are a permanent fixture in most searches. With awareness increasing and more Pinterests being created, traffic is increasing. With proper planning and prompt creation of the right kind of back links, small and medium business can expect their businesses to benefit greatly from the traffic that gets diverted to their websites.

Did you know that you can Pin photos using your iPhone? It’s really very easy, you just need to get the Pinterest app. You need to go to app’s home screen and click the camera button and you can directly Pin the photo. There is an option where you can Pin a photo that is already saved on your phones memory as well. You can also directly go to the web and select images that you like using the Safari app. There is an option for you to save the selected images on to you iPhone, from where you can use the app on the phone to Pin the images on Pinterest.

In case you have pinned a product that you are selling, and if you are willing to reveal the price, you can display the price below the image. If you prefer the customer to learn about the price and other details after they visit your site, you can leave them get directed to you website through the back link you have created.


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