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Reasons Why Google Hates Your Blog

Author: Gagan Masoun
Reasons Why Google Hates Your Blog
As a blogger, you probably don’t want Google to hate your blog.If your blog don’t have anything that Google wants then definitely Google hate your blog.Writing good-quality, relevant is a must if you want your blog to be noticed by Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc but it’s only part of the movie.

Do you really want to know why Google hates your website?.If you’re not sure if Google really hates your blog then step through these reasons.

5 Common Mistakes In SEO


You Aren’t Using Your Readers’ Keywords

High quality SEO requires an better understanding of what users search for when they look for articles, tutorials such as yours. Using the same keywords and phrases that your loyal readers use will help them find you in a Google search.You will see your traffic growing day by day.

Your Blog Headlines Don’t Include Your Main Keyword

You must follow the given guidelines if you want better results. Good SEO practice also count placing keywords in blog post’ headlines (h1 text) and subheadings (h2 text) because these parts of your blog post are weighted more than other post words.Try to include your main keywords in your blog headlines for better rankings.

You Don’t Link to Older Blog Posts

Creating links between blog posts will help your readers to find other content on your blog, which keeps them staying longer also.Always link related posts in your new post.Google give you credit for these links, so try to focus main keywords that links back to older posts. Page views of your blog posts will grow dramatically in few days.

You Aren't Linking To Other Bloggers

This tip may be seems like above one, you can refer your readers to other bloggers by linking in your blog post for getting more SEO benefits.Google fans of that blogger which are sharing useful content with their readers, even when that content was published by another blogger.Your readers will appreciate it too because they will get more great content on other blogs too without wastage of time on search in Google. To do this, consider writing a “best of” list post or use a blogroll into your sidebar.

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You Aren't Using Enough Bullet Lists In Your Posts

Search engine giant Google loves bullet lists too in your blog posts. You can use bullet in headlines, subheadings and links. Another plus point for using bullet lists is that they help users absorb your content more effectively. Use these lists to break up long passages of text, and don’t forget to use keywords. Placing them in first couple of words in each bullet works best.

You Aren’t Using Social Media to Promote Your Blog

About social media I shared many blog posts on blogs daddy.Social recommendations can make your content worthy and valuable in search engines. Build a community around your blog using social media platforms.

You Don’t Use Share Buttons On Your Blog

Connection of this tip with above, include social share buttons on each post of your blog. Your readers can easily share your content on their own social networking profiles, the more often your blog posts are tweeted, liked, the more value they have.This will increased Google love but you’ll also get a huge amount audience for your blog. I am using share buttons on blogs daddy, readers easily share posts from BD. You can see example :- How To Delete Facebook Timeline?, shared 7795 times on Facebook, 132 tweets, 8212 other shares.

You Confuse Google With Too Many Topics

Congratulations! if you have a many other different passions, but Google will not greet you – at least from an SEO point of view. The best blogs are mainly focused on one topic only. If your blog look like pile of index cards, Google will not understand how to categorize it. Keep it clean and simple and Google won’t puzzled.Your readers will praise about your focus too.

You Don’t Encourage Comments

Comments give your blog a great potential. Best way to survey about your blog readership is to check out how many comments you have for your posts. More comments mean that your readers are actively engaged in what you have to say. An active commenting section also shows Google that your posts are still relevant to readers, long after they've been published.Invite blog readers to leave their opinions and suggestion.

Your Blog Is Riddled With Broken Links

Broken links hurt Google rankings.Broken links give the bad impression that you aren’t handling your blog properly.These links also stop Google from crawling your blog posts.Internal broken links are quite likely a quality issue, always fix those as soon as possible.External broken links may not be quite so important, but it's a good idea to run a check every few months and fix what you can. Broken links stop.

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Providing related search and valuable content is the mission of Google.Google bless your blog with a lot of traffic if you write a unique and quality content for your readers.Make strong social network around your blog. I know that this is not a one day work but keep working for your blog.The professional success will kiss your feet.Best of luck :) peace guys..

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