Monday, August 6, 2012

9 Videos That Tell How To Do Better SEO & Drive More Traffic

Author: Gagan Masoun
9 Videos That Tell How To Do Better SEO & Drive More TrafficIn my previous article I shared about 5 Common Mistakes In SEO And 6 Useful Tips.Many bloggers struggling for driving traffic to a website or blog.You can not get the top level.But you can only go higher than others. When we start new work then we want expert guidance, which many don't get.So, they go with black hat SEO tricks.

But Google find the solutions for this issue, they released 9 videos which explain how to do better SEO practices.These are 9 videos about Content, SEO, Driving Traffic, Sitemaps, Social Networking, Google Webmaster Tools and many more.These videos published on 25 June,2012.Whether you are a new to blogging or a pro-blogger, you'll find these videos most helpful.

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Creating Great Content That Performs Well In Google Search Results

There are too many thing to do when creating a new website.If All is well then your website will also perform well in search results.Always server original content to your loyal readers which is unique and different from other websites and blogs.Keep in mind Google's goal is just providing high quality and relevant search results to users.Always try to create most valuable content for your readers.See site checklist below:-
  • Original Content
  • Different
  • Unique
  • Who Are You?
  • Why You?
  • Alert Your Viewers
  • Keep A Blog
  • Keep It Lean

Finding Your Site On Google

I really common question be hear from the blogger is how I get my website show up in Google search results.Google is already fan of new content.Learn how to find if your site is in Google's search results already, and if it's not, how to get it included.

To do this go to Google, and in the search bar, type 'site:' followed by your domain name without any spaces. For example, If something comes up, then congratulations! your site has been indexed.If you find nothing then check your robots.txt files and submit request for reconsideration to Google here.You can submit content manually by going to

Understand Which Google Searches Are Driving Traffic To Your Site

The Search Queries page of Google Webmaster Tools provides great information about your site.In Google webmaster tools you can check Query, Impressions, Clicks, CTR and Avg. position in search queries tab.If your impressions count is high, but CTR is low, then your site might not be calling to users.

Using Sitemaps To Help Google Find Content Hosted On Your Site

To help Google to index all your web pages in your blog, you should add sitemaps for your website or blog. Here's the proper guide for blogger users - How to submit all your blog posts sitemap to Google webmaster tool.

Learn How To Engage With Your Audience Using Social Networks

If you want new and existing customers for your business then social media is a great way to get success.You can engage with your audience by exciting contests, sharing stories and accomplishments, discount on products and announcing new products.For example if your business related to premium blogger templates.You share your latest blog template post in your Google+ profile and you get many 1+ for your post.1+ will recommend your content on Google search.After a few days when some one search for premium blogger template then user will come to your website, because it will come to no.1 in Google search.

Learn About The Google Webmaster Tools Message Center

The Message Center is one of Google's primary partnerships with webmasters and bloggers.It will send you messages about latest announcements, upcoming changes, news etc.Occasionally Google may send you messages about issues they've found with websites in your webmaster account. These messages appear in the Message Center, and the most recent messages will appear on the Webmaster Tools home page.

Errors That Google May Find and Report While Crawling Your Site

In the Google Webmaster Tools the Crawl Errors page provides details about the URLs in your site that Google could not successfully crawl or that returned an HTTP error code.This page lists two types of errors.
  • Site errors: This section lists errors that prevent Googlebot from accessing your site at all.
  • URL errors: This section lists errors Googlebot encountered when trying to crawl specific URLs. You can search for specific URLs or errors.
You can easily troubleshoot and resolve the errors.

Webspam Content Violations

Every webmaster should read Google Webmaster Tools guidelines.Because, if any webmaster break the rules and regulations Google might be blocked or removed their website from Google search results.Understand more about Google Webmaster Guidelines and ensure you are adding value for your readers.

How Malicious Parties Can Spam Your Site

Malicious users to your website can create spam through mechanisms such as comment spam, forum posting spam, and freehost accounts.Sometimes malicious users post irrelevant link to the comment section of your blog.Always use "nofollow" option for comment section on your blog, so that malicious parties can not spam your website.

Thanks for watching these videos.Hope you will make your blog better after watching these videos.Give your opinions about this article.Keep blogging :)


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