Sunday, August 19, 2012

Google Reconsideration Request

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google Reconsideration RequestFew months ago, this blog totally blocked from Google search results after little sort of penalty. All blog posts and pages got removed from Google’s index and search results.But, thanks to "Waheguru".Now, everything is fine and running good in Google.Search engine giant Google has made some changes in its ‘Reconsideration Request‘ feature.

If your blog get penalized by the Google or you want to make sure it doesn't happened in future, reading reasons your website gets penalized by Google update as well as knowing the right steps to send a reconsideration request is most important.

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What Is A Reconsideration Request?

After Google Penguin update many blogs and websites get penalized by Google.So, reconsideration request is an official process of Google in which it reviews blogs/websites that have been punished for not following Google webmasters guidelines.You can get the request form in Google Webmaster Tools and then fill out the options asked by Google.If your request reach the search engine successfully, they revoke the penalty on your blog.

Tips On Requesting Reconsideration

Rachel Searles and Brian White provide tips on requesting reconsideration of your site using Google Webmaster Tools.

Video: How Do Reconsideration Requests Work At Google?

When You Will Request For Reconsideration?

Your blog ranking has suddenly dropped in the Google search results. Don’t know the reason? Read this post regarding reasons your website gets penalized by Google update.If you found out that your website has violated Google’s quality guidelines:
  • Admit Your All Mistakes
  • Mention The Attempts Done In Order to Fix The Mistakes
  • Add Each and Every Point With Maximum Details.
If you were bought links for your website or blog, show them how you are making efforts to remove that links.

Go Through Google’s Quality Guidelines

First of all learn Google's quality guidelines carefully.If you can not understand these things regarding guidelines; you may hire SEO expert for this task.

There are many cases found when the website owner is at no fault but he/she receive penalty due to certain consequences. For example, you bought an expired domain which was earlier penalized by  Google Penguin update for the case of spamming.In these type of cases you should explain everything clearly to Google Webmasters Team regarding revoke from penalized.

Always remember before making a Google reconsideration request, make sure that your blog or website doesn't blusters of any technical issues. Read the Webmaster Guidelines of Google for making sure that your blog or website is matching with rules.


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