Saturday, August 4, 2012

Detect The WordPress Theme Of Any WordPress Blog

Author: Gagan Masoun
Detect The WordPress Theme Of Any WordPress Blog
Bloggers are always lookout for good WordPress theme if they are using WordPress platform for your blogging profession.Often when they search any WordPress site they really like, it isn't always obvious which template is being used.Some times they unable to find any footer link also.

If you are WordPress expert and you know what to do now, you can look at the HTML source and get the information, but many bloggers either don't know how or don't want to do that.So, I am sharing a wonderful tool today, which will give you all information of what WordPress template is being used on a blog.It will help you to create your own perfect website.The name of this tool is "What WordPress Theme Is That".

What WordPress Theme Is That

Information By This Tool

  1. Theme Name
  2. Theme Home Page
  3. Author
  4. Author Home Page
  5. Description

How Does It Work?

  1. Go to What WordPress Theme Is That
  2. Enter The URL Of WordPress Website/Blog and Then Click On "Check Site" Button
  3. Its Done You Will See Information.For Example See Screenshot Below
5abiraag - What WordPress Theme Is That


  1. Hi,

    First of All I would like to say that this really good tool you have shared. The Features of this tool is quite good.

    All Bloggers Mostly choose Wordpress Platform only because it support really high features plugin, good for affiliate marketing, all in one seo plugin and many more.

  2. Hey, This is really a great blog that I have come across..Hey the other reason for using wordpress is like it provides the custom wordpress design for the blogger. So that is why all love wordpress. Thank You.