Tuesday, August 14, 2012

5 Ways To Approve Google Adsense Account in India

Author: Gagan Masoun
5 Ways To Approve Google Adsense Account in IndiaEvery blogger want to make money with their own blog or website. So first of all you need advertising platform which allow advertise on your blog or website and give highest revenue share. I highly recommend Google Adsense because it gives highest revenue share then all other companies.

You can not get Adsense account easily because some bloggers try to fake ways for GA. That's why I am sharing different ways to be Google Adsense Publisher.

There are lots of options to get Google Adsense Publisher account with a genuine way.Those ways contains blog writing , document sharing , Social Networking and many more. Here are some of the ways to approve your Google Adsense Account.

1.Approve Google Adsense Using Blog

Approve Google Adsense Using BlogThis is the first and most genuine way to become a Google Adsense publisher.Professional bloggers always choose this way for GA.I also approve my Google Adsense account using this way.You must have given below things to approve Google Adsense using this way :
  • One blog hosted on any platform (Wordpress, Blogger or others). 
  • Update your blog on a regular base.
  • Update your blog with unique and different content only.
  • At lease there should be 50-60 posts and high amount of traffic. 
If you will follow these above tips then Google have not any single chance to reject your blog for Adsense program.

2.Be Google Adsense Publisher Using Bukisa

Be Google Adsense Publisher Using BukisaBukisa is a content publishing website like eHow, Associated Content, InfobarrelBukisa is most popular article writing website for bloggers.It has replaced the Bukisa Index with revenue sharing payment via the Google Adsense API program.So,Using Google Adsense API Bukisa helps you to approve your Google Adsense account.You need follwing requirements :
  • Sign Up For Bukisa.com Account.
  • Complete Your Profile With Genuine Details
  • Publish At Least 15-20 Original Fresh Articles
When you will get GA than you will see ads on article that you wrote on Bukisa and for that you have to give 40% of Adsense revenue with Bukisa. If you don't want to share revenue with Bukisa then after getting approve by Google Adsense just revoke access to Bukisa from your Adsense account and enjoy full revenue.

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3.Approve Google Adsense Account Using Hubpages

Approve Google Adsense Account Using HubpagesThis method is also useful for approve Google Adsense account. Hubpages is similar to Bukisa. But keep in mind given below tips before apply for Google Adsense using Hubpages website:

  • Register With Hubpages & Fill Your Right Details.
  • Write 20-25 Hubs (Articles) Only Original :)
Hubpages also take some of the revenue share that you earn via articles on Hubpages. But, you can revoke access to hubpages from Google Adsense account as mentioned above.

If you think content writing is very boring way, don't worry here are some other ways which helps to get your Google Adsense Account. Keep reading..

4.Get Approve For Google Adsense Using Docstoc

Get Approve For Google Adsense Using DocstocDocstoc is a website for people to find and share document and presentation which helps you for become a Google Adsenes Publisher.This trick is practically tested and running successfully on many blogs so you can use this trick without any hesitation.Docstoc requirements before applying Adsense.
  • Create A Free Account On Docstoc Here
  • Upload Up to 40 Documents, Keep In Mind Don't Upload Copyrighted Material. 
  • Go To Settings / DocCash and Then Apply For Google Adsense
Now wait for reply from Google Adsense.After two to three hour you will receive a confirmation link from Adsense and you will be able to log in to your Adsense account.Don't want to share your revenue then revoke access to Docstoc from your Adsense account.

5.Approve Google Adsense using Indyarocks

Approve Google Adsense using IndyarocksYou can enjoy and share entertainment stuff, games, music and videos on Indyarocks.Indyarocks is social networking website which also provides support to earn revenue with Google Adsense and approve your Adsense account. For that you need these much things :
  • Make Account On Indyarocks. 
  • Update 90% Your Indyarocks Profile With Original Information
  • Upload 10 Original Photos to Your Indyarocks Account
  • Write 2-4 Articles Which Contains 250-300 Words and Not Contains Ways to Earn Online Stuff and Duplicate Content.
These requirements will help you to get your Adsense account with genuine way.Indyarocks shares 100% revenue with you.You can also earn money by embed and watching YouTube Videos.Read this also 5 Steps To Make Money On YouTube.

I hope these 5 ways will help you to get GA account and if you have any other way in your mind or any doubt then ask me without any hesitations.If you are unable to get Adsense account then I recommend you to read my post about Advanced Tips And Tricks For Making Money With Your Blog.


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