Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Every Blogger Needs to Know About SEO

Author: Gagan Masoun
What Every Blogger Needs to Know About SEO
Almost every day hundred thousand of new blogs get launched over internet, which make the blogger’s world more competitive and at one point of time most of the new bloggers start feeling depressed because their blog doesn't get as much exposure as they thought it will get while starting it. And most of the bloggers couldn't find out what they are lacking in? The answer to this question is Search Engine Optimization. Read this article further as it will explain what every blogger needs to know about SEO or Search engine optimization.

In SEO the content plays the most crucial role, therefore a blogger must be well aware of how to play with it in order to gain maximum exposure on search engines. In search engine optimization there are some other crucial factors also but before we move on to them let us begin with the content.
What Every Blogger Needs to Know About SEO


Content is considered to be the King in the web world, without it no one can utilize the power of internet. Therefore, you must put a lot of stress on it and make sure that it is something which is fresh and genuine because search engine and users hate duplicate and unauthentic content. Your content should include relevant facts and sources (if you have used any) so that the reader can verify it from them too (if required). To begin writing your posts select topics that you are well aware of or if you want to cover the topic that is new to you but might prove beneficial for your blog then research about it and get yourself well aware of all the facts so that your post look like as if it is written by an expert. Avoid grammatical errors, use short sentences, and write your posts in points.


Choose your keywords and key phrases wisely, do not opt for keywords which are being targeted by most of the bloggers. Use synonyms whenever required because targeting keywords that are already being targeted innumerable times is of no use but if you’ll use synonyms for the same keywords you might lead the race on those synonym based keywords.

Unique Post Title:

Select a unique title for each and every blog posts that are available on your blog and for the ones that you will write on in the future. The title must be enriched with keywords. Your post titles must not exceed a limit of 75 characters including spaces, so make it short but distinctive.

Use SEO Plugins On Your Word Press Blog

You can also use some of the great SEO plugins available for your WordPress blog, which will definitely help you in promoting and maintaining your blog according to the SEO requirement and standards.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Great SEO Plugins:

SEO Smart Links: It offers multiple benefits to its user as they can easily customize their keywords list. It also allows the user to set no-follow attributes to avoid others from reaping the PR benefits from your blog by frequent spam commenting on your posts. 

SEO Friendly Images: This plugin automatically update all existing images on your blog with ALT and Title attributes, which helps the spider bots to index the images as well. 

All in One SEO Pack: It optimizes the post title and generates Meta tags for search engines automatically. The beginners can just install it and leave the rest on it, however, the advanced users can fine tune it anytime according to their needs. The best thing about this plugin is that it provides its user with such flexibility that they can override any title and set Meta description and Meta keywords as per their


Utilize the power of social media, share your content on leading social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Connect with your readers by sharing data feeds using RSS feeder and weekly newsletters or post updates on their email address.


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