Monday, July 30, 2012

Tools For Finding and Managing Local Citations

Author: Gagan Masoun
Tools For Finding and Managing Local Citations
Tools For Finding and Managing Local Citations - For every blog or website is it always necessary to maintain the information structure in an organized way along with local SEO and locational citations. This is very effective for building local ranking in every search engine and attracting local clients over internet world.

Many people spend loads of money on Local SEO but they could have save those expenses only by using some important citation tools available in the online market. Here in this article we will discuss about all those free Tools for managing and building Local citation.

GetListed Tools

This is a website that provides a complete tool and dashboard for webmasters to manage their citations. This tool helps to find all local directories for the related business and information about all those organization. It also helps to create interlinked ‘link profile’ on local cache for Local SEO ventures. One can search, find or build Local Citation through its intelligent dash board tools panel. That is why is very popular among webmasters for specifically local SEO.

Local Citation Finder

This is another useful tool kit for Finding and Managing Local citation. This tool does not search and list the local directories against some business specification but create them if necessary. In this tool kit one can simply put some key phrases which is relevant to the business (like restaurant, medical clinic etc. ) and then define a particular location in the map. This tool finds and plots the desired citation along with the local directory in that particular geographical location and publishes them online so that they can me cached for further search engine optimization.

Yext Local Search Scorecard

This tool was a basically New York based citation manger when it was first launched in the year 2006. But now after so much modification and upgrades it has become globally active. This works exactly same as GetListed but has some added features along with common and popular features of a basic citation finder application. This tools works with White page, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, Yahoo etc. to enlist their member’s website and business. Anyone can easily get their membership just by simple registration through their website. Only registered members can get access to their citation building and managing tool.

How All These Works

Local citation is a bit tricky but common term in SEO services. Whenever someone search any key phrase in any search engine, the search engine first look up locally and suggest some business centers or website who are close to the location of the user. This services works with local business listing services like Yahoo, Yellow Page or White Page. The search engine collects the address from those businesses listing service and caches them in their website. When a user search anything, search engine looks ups in their citation database and then provide the location and address for the business website in the search result. These citation building tools create and enlist the websites and business links in those listing pages to attract the search engine.

So that is how one can easily build up and attract more local visitors and can entertain them with services. That is why these citation management tools and service have become so much important these days.


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