Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How To Start a Free Blog On WordPress.com?

Author: Gagan Masoun
How To Start a Free Blog On WordPress.com?
Today we will guide you "How to Start a Free Blog On WordPress.com?". WordPress.com is a weblog hosting provider owned by Automattic which opened to beta testers on August 8, 2005 and opened to the public on November 21, 2005. It is powered by the open source WordPress software. They are money from "VIP" membership or Advertisement.

All the basic and original features of the site are free-to-use. However, some features (including CSS editor, domain mapping, Domain Registration, Removal of Ads, Website Redirection, Video Upload, and storage upgrades) are available as paid options. 

If you are new to blogging era or want to start blogging as your profession. Then you should start blogging with free blogs first. This is for just practice. There are many sites available where you can make your own free blog or start blogging. For example - Blogger.com, Wordpress.com etc. I am going to tell about Wordpress.com that how to create free blog on it.

How To Start a Free Blog On WordPress.com?

The Steps to create an account on WordPress.com are as follows:
Go To Wordpress.Com
  • On the Next Page A Registration Form Will Be Shown , Where You Have To Choose The Address Of Your Blog. Fill The Form Completely and Click On Create Blog
Get your own WordPress.com account in seconds
  • After Clicking Create Blog, You Will Get An E-mail In Your Mailbox With Activation Link. Login To Your E-mail and Open The Mail Sent To You From WordPress.com, and Now Click Activate Blog To Activate Your WordPress Account.
Activate Your Wordpress.com Blog
  • Go To Next Page and Enter Your First and Last Name and Type Something About Yourself and Click Save Profile.
Check Your E-mail to Complete Registration
  • Congratulations, Its Done ! Your Brand New Blog at WordPress Is Now Active and Now You Can Start Blogging With WordPress.com’s Free Online and Amazing Services!


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