Friday, February 17, 2012

All The Google Search Tips In Single Video Only

Author: Gagan Masoun
All The Google Search Tips In Single Video Only
All The Google Search Tips In One Video Only- Google always try to make search easy and useful for whole world. Today I am sharing the useful tutorial with you. This tutorial will tell you all the Google search tips in one video only.This video has created by search team at Google. Get tips & tricks and some interesting stuff you can do on

If you are the "Daily Power" user of Google, you may not find any new search tips & tricks in this video. But you can enjoy the recap of the searches you can perform at

For example - Blogs Daddy learned from this useful video that we can drag picture from the pc(desktop) and drop them on to the Google Images Search and it will search most similar photos on the Internet – that’s much faster than using the “Browse” button. So, If you watched this video, Leave your comment below in the comment box.


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