Friday, October 28, 2011

Powerful Google AdSense Tricks to Boost Your Ad Revenue

Author: Gagan Masoun
Powerful Google AdSense Tricks to Boost Your Ad Revenue
Many of the Bloggers use only Google Adsense to generate revenue for there blogs or websites hosting or domain cost and for most of them Google adsense is the only program to monetize there website/blog.There are a lot of bloggers who make a living from AdSense alone, but there are also many who spend a lot of time trying to figure out the magic Google AdSense trick to make more money from their blogs or websites.

Finding Google AdSense tricks might seem like a very hard task but it is definitely not impossible.You can also earn more from Google Adsense.

Just putting the Google AdSense ad code on your blog or website is not enough if you are following to use AdSense as your only source of income from internet. One of the most important Google AdSense tricks is to experiment with a lot of different ad formats, placement and choice of keywords.TOS is also a most important point for Google Adsense.Our first suggestion would be create a separate Google Adsense program account because you never know when your Google account will be deleted/bannerd because of the violation of there TOS. So keep a separate account for Google adsense program.

Read Some Tricks Given Below For Google Adsense Program :

1. You should use the different ad formats to make sure your AdSense ads blend with your web pages or blog. Google Adsense program provides you different palettes to try font colors, backgrounds and borders.You can find new styles and auto ad color setup in  new interface of Google Adsense  There is no point in placing an ad on the blog or website page which does not blend with your site because it will likely not be clicked by any of your visitors.

2. You should read the adsense complete TOS before applying Adsense account . This will help you to understand the adsense program completely and in case if you trying any tips and trick you will know before hand that this trick is going to generate revenue or might delete your Google adsense account.

3. If you are a blogger.Always use high rated keywords in your articles if possible.Because there are a lot of High Paying Google Adsense Keywords for all topics.

4. Place the ads on high traffic pages of your website. You will be able to discover the pages with the most traffic on your website by looking at the logs or even your Google Analytics account, which gives you a page by page report of visitors that come and go from your website or blog.

5. There is another most important AdSense trick that is often ignored by many bloggers is the AdSense preview tool. Google provides an excellent tool to help you preview the ads that appear on your blog or website. This tool helps you to watch the sample ads and formats, preview colors on your blog, check the destination of the ads and even see how people in other countries will see your ads.So, use this tool also as a part of Adsense trick.The preview tool is available in all active AdSense languages. Installing the tool is easy, and only takes a few minutes. To install it, you'll need to add a registry file to your Windows system.Click here for Installing the Adsense preview tool

6. Sometimes chnage your ad placement for 2-3 days. That will help you to know which size of the ad placement is best for your blog or website.

7. SEO is most important part of Google Adsense tricks also.If your blog's SEO is very strong.You will definitely get more traffic from search engines.If your traffic will increase your ads revenue automatically increased also.

I hope a success for you.Stay tuned with us for more information about Google AdSense and various of other ways making money online!


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