Sunday, August 28, 2011

Add Official Twitter Follow Button To Blogger Blog

Author: Gagan Masoun
Official Twitter Follow ButtonTwitter Follow Button is Twitter Official button released, and is very similar to Retweet button but here it is Follow button with Single Click to follow on Twitter. There is another options included to show the Number of Followers in our Twitter accounts. The Button Comes with 9 Languages. Button style is very impressive.

Use this button on your blogger blog & increase your twitter followers.Let's start the tutorial.

How To Add Twitter Follow Button

1. First Go to This Page
2. There you will see a Form for you. Fill it with Required data!
3. on right side, Copy the Widget Code

Add It On Blogger Sidebar

a. Login to Blogger Dashboard > Design Tab Page Elements
b. Click Add a Gadget on Sidebar
c. Choose HTML/JavaScript, Paste the Copied code and Save it!

Add It On Blogger Posts

a. Login to Blogger Dashboard > Design Tab > Edit HTML
b. Click on Expand Template Widgets checkbox
Find for tag <data:post.body/>
c. Paste the Coppied Code Before or After it! and Save your Template.

- if you put the code Before
 <data:post.body/>  tag then it will appear at the top of the post 
- if you put the code After <data:post.body/> tag then it will appear at the Bottom of the post


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