Thursday, October 22, 2015

Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords - Which One is Best for Your Business

Author: Gagan Masoun
Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords
As a business owner, you likely understand the importance of having an online presence. You may also know how important it is to advertise your business and the content you post on your website. However, what you may not know is how to properly advertise what you have to offer. After all, there are two prominent options: Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords.

In order to figure out which is the right method for your advertising needs, you have to understand what each have to offer. 

When you first consider the two, Facebook ads and Google Adwords seem extremely similar.

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PPC advertising can be quite affordable if you know the proper techniques for using it. Google Adwords can provide you with high-conversion, low-cost and highly-targeted campaigns. You have the exact same opportunity when you use Facebook ads.

Google Adwords

However, there are a number of key differences that you should be aware of in order to make an educated decision regarding which option is best for your business.

What is AdWords?


The Targeting Systems

When you use Facebook ads, you can select the audience that receives the ads with the provided filters. This allows you to target your audience based on three factors: geography, demography and interests. This means that your ads are going to reach the proper audience and only be seen by the users you have profiled.

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On the other hand, Google Adwords can trigger users based on preferences; however, Google does not know people the way that Facebook do. It is not able to see what people are following or liking. The relevant ads are targeted mainly by the search terms that are used. 

The Ads

The process to create Facebook ads is much different than the process that is used for Adwords. You will be targeting the interests of people, instead of the search phrases they use. You will be targeting people based on who they actually are, instead of the information that they are searching for at the present time.

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The ads shown on Facebook are usually based on the likes of a user, while Adwords is exclusively focused on the keywords that are used. The actual demographic data on the various users is also more complete, which makes targeting much easier when you use Facebook. 

However, the thing that really stands out the most, is the cost. In most cases, Facebook ads are just a third of the cost of Google Adwords.

Building Your Brand

While each of the advertising platforms offers businesses the ability to build their brand, they offer this in completely different ways.

Facebook Ads

Adwords offers a single click to take a potential customer to the landing page. Facebook advertising allows businesses to leverage word-of-mouth and social proof, which are both extremely powerful tools in the term of advertising.

Facebook for Business


So what option comes out on top? That depends on the user you are targeting. Those who are still in the research mode should be targeted with Google Adwords. This allows a keyword term to be targeted, and ensure that you are reaching those looking for what you have to offer. 

Facebook ads, however, will help to encourage people to talk about your business and your brand. It focuses more on word of mouth advertising and can help you sell and build long-lasting relationships.


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