Friday, January 3, 2014

How to Share Web Pages by Email

Author: Gagan Masoun
How to Share Web Pages by EmailEmail marketing is a most important part of any small or big business. Every email sent to a customer could be considered email marketing. When you mention a URL in your email message, the mail recipients will have no idea where that URL is pointing to unless they really click on it. Today I am here with a new chrome extension "Clip Better" which is very useful for link senders. Learn how to use this extension and remove the guess work.

Share Web Pages by Email

Share Web Pages by Email

Stop Sending URLs in Email, Embed Link Previews:

You can get more benefit from email links with the help of Clip Better instead of putting raw URLs in your email messages. You can send it through Gmail or any other mail services that supports HTML Mail.
Clip Better uses Open Graph tags, extract the page title, meta description and a thumbnail image and then sets everything into the clipboard as a clean-formatting block which you can paste into your mail message box.


• Create clips directly from web pages you want to share
• Automatically generate preview with thumbnail, title tag, meta description, and more
• Edit title and description directly in preview stage
• Easily add your own comments or notes
• Advanced edit allows you to change the thumbnail image and more
• Send clips with Gmail Or copy the clip to your clipboard and use it in other email client, word processor, or more
• Easily undo changes

Clip Better Availability

You can also email one or more links to and they will send you the corresponding previews in rich text.

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  1. Well, I guess Click Better should be a must have tool for marketers. Its good to see how this Chrome extension works. Hopefully, using this tool can help improve conversion methods!

    In, this post was bookmarked for Internet marketers and bloggers, I have also left the above comment where this post was found.

    Sunday - contributor

  2. Indeed email marketing is very awesome strategy to reach out to readers/customers and get great outcome. Clip Better seems very awesome tool for sharing links