Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All About Google+ Custom URL And How To Enable It?

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google+ Custom URL And How To Enable It
Wow! I got custom URL for my Blogs Daddy Google Plus Page ( Google custom URL is same as Facebook page username. If you have a Google Plus Page then you must have noticed that the URL of your Google Plus Page simply looks so disgusting. It usually contains a long strings of numbers that make no sense to you.You can now claim a custom URL for your Google Plus page with their official vanity URL program.

With an official Google+ custom URL, All things becomes shorter and easier. This is how my Google+ URL string looks like (before and after):

If you are really want to know more about this program, read tutorial here.

It is exactly same as getting your Google authorship. Must read my previous tutorials.

There are some requirements for getting a Google+ custom URL. Before you can get a G plus custom URL, your account needs to be in good standing and meet the following requirements:

Eligibility For People:
  • 10 or more followers.
  • Your account is 30 days old or more.
  • A perfect profile photo.
Note : Local Google+ pages must be a verified local business and Non-local Google+ pages must be linked to a blog or website.
  • Now, Go to your Google+ profile or page, if it is available to you, you will see a little blue color button notification bar at the top of your Google+ page or Profile. Clicking that button starts the process.
  • Now, Click On The I Agree to The Terms of Service and Then Press "Change URL" Button.
  • Finally, Confirm custom URL for Your Google Plus Page by clicking on "Confirm Choice" Button.
  • Many Congratulations! You are done!


Google+ custom URL also works well in terms of categorizing your links. Some examples are:
If you have any issue in implementing this then you can PM me or comment below for the help. Have you enabled your custom Google+ URL yet? Let me know what you think and feel free to include the single link to it in your comment below!


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