Thursday, October 17, 2013

Google AdSense PIN Not Received Yet in India, What to Do Next?

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google AdSense PIN
Personal Identification Number (PIN) plays an important role for the verification of Google Adsense publisher. Google Adsense will verify your address (which you have specified in your account information while signing up for AdSense) through PIN. When your AdSense earnings reach US 10$ then Google will send a letter to you within next 2 or 3 days that contain the PIN, you need to add that PIN code in your AdSense account. Today in this article I will tell you what to do next if you don't get the Pin from Google after several attempts.

Google AdSense PIN Not Received Yet - What to Do Next?

If you request the PIN 3 times but never received any of them then follow the given below steps. 
  • First of all login to your AdSense account.
  • Now, Click on this link.
  • Please fill the options in the form (Name, Contact email, Publisher Id, Submit an attachment)
Personal Identification Number - AdSense

Note: However, if you submit it before you run out of your 3 pin requests, it may not be accepted.

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Please make sure to attach a proof of identity in order to confirm the validity of the postal address set in your AdSense account.

List of Documents That Are Acceptable as Address Verification

1. Drivers License

2. Rental Agreement

3. House/Apartment registration document

4. Passport

The following documents are usually considered secondary/support documents and should be used only if you don't have any of the above documents.

5. Bank statement

6. Election Id (India)

7. Unique Id (Aadhar Card in India)

If you still have any question or suggestion in your mind then feel free to ask or share through comments.It would be a pleasure for me to answer your questions. Keep in touch stay blessed :)