Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Download APK Files From Google Play Store

Author: Gagan Masoun
Download APK Files From Google Play Store
You may want to download an APK file of an Android app for various reasons. All android applications are wrapped as a APK files. There are so many File Manager apps are available which you can use to copy these files from your desktop to your Android smartphone/tab. You just need to touch the .apk file to install. Read the various reasons why you may want to get the APK installer from the Google Play Store. Also, in this tutorial I am going to share How to download APK files easily from Google Play Store.

Reasons Why You May Want to Get The APK Installer

  • An Android app or game is not compatible with your Android device.
  • Sometimes you may not have access to an Android app due to your region or country.
  • Maybe the files you want to download are too large to download on to your device.

How to Download APK Files from Google Play Store

Now, you can download APKs directly from Google Play Store to your computer with online Evozi - APK download app. It can be accessed at

You just need to enter the package name or URL (web address) of any app listed on the Google Play store and click the “Generated Download Link” button. 

It may take up to 5 minutes, depending on file size Generating. It is really cool to download APK files with this online app because the files are directly fetched from the Google Play Store, so you will get Android App without any malware. WIth the help of APK downloader you can download free apps and games only from the Google Play store.