Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to Edit Your Photos With Google+ Photo Editing Tool

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google+ Photo Editing Tool
Previously, I have shared online photo editing web based apps. People love to edit photos before upload to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or send them via email. There are so many image editing apps available like PicMonkey, Picozu and the new Pixlr Touch-up but Google+ is the best photo editing tool because its 100% secure too. G+ has an excellent feature which automatically adjust your images brightness, contrast, saturation etc.

Today in this article we will show you how we can use Google+’s online image editing tool. Photo editing requires Google Chrome.

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Edit Your Photos With Google+

  • Now, upload images to Google+ and click the Done button.
  • Google+ will now prompt you to share your photo album. Click on “Skip” option. After editing you can share your photo. Now your uploaded image will be added along with your existing photos in G+.
  • Choose an image you uploaded to Google+. Click on Edit option on the top of the page. Start editing your photo.
  • Once you’re done editing your picture, Click on more and Click on select photo to download your edited image .

If you don't know how to use Photoshop then Google+’s online image editing tool is pretty cool. Try the editing tools for yourself: and lets us know of any tips about it.


  1. Hi Gagan,

    Great tutorial, Google + is a true powerhouse, and it seems its still growing stronger!



    1. Yes, Piyush you are right buddy, Google+ is growing day by day. They are adding new features in Google plus. Thanks for your precocious words on our blog. Keep visiting. :)