Saturday, August 3, 2013

Official YouTube Buttons For Your Blogger Blog

Author: Gagan Masoun
Official YouTube Buttons For Your Blogger BlogCreate video tutorials, upload to YouTube and promote your blogger blog or website. But it is possible when you have a huge amount of subscribers. I have already shared Stylish YouTube Subscribe Button and YouTube Subscribe Widget for your blogger blog or website. Promote your YouTube channel through your blog. If you need buttons and banner images then go here. Now, give link to your YouTube channel page. You can try these two simple ways. Let's start this tutorial:

Main YouTube Channel

The user will see all your recently uploaded videos, popular videos, discussion, about etc. When they will click on "Subscribe" button then they can get video updates from your channel. See example:

Subscription Page

This is second method to give link (highly recommended). User can subscribe to your YouTube channel after clicking that confirmation button though he/she won’t necessary see your YouTube page. See example:

You can use given below banners on your visiting cards or blogs.
love YouTube Watch YouTube Green YouTubemy-videos
Find me on YouTube Grey YouTube Green - watch youtube
Watch me on YouTube youtube_white youtube_62x62_as_grey Video Superstar
youtube superstar banners


  1. Thanks for the YouTube banners. I had some of them but this will complete my collection.

    1. Happy to see your comment on Blogs Daddy. Ileane Smith I am big fan of your blog. Stay Tuned.

  2. really nice banners.
    keep working man.
    you going good.
    my #wishes

    my small blog

    1. Thanks for wishes. Your blog is not small. It is really nice man.