Thursday, August 8, 2013

How To Fix Duplicate Meta and Title Tags in Webmaster Tools

Author: Gagan Masoun
Remove Duplicate Meta and Title Tags in Google Webmaster Tools
Duplicate meta description and title tags are common problem in Google Webmaster Tools. Best thing is that Google just ignores these type of meta errors but it is still hurting your blog or website rankings. In maximum cases it can even slow down sites (think many big & unwanted descriptions on a mobile site). One of our loyal reader "Kailash Chand" contacted me through email regarding this problem. That time I was busy to manage my projects.

Today we will show you complete guide to fix/remove duplicate meta description and title tags problem in Google Webmaster Tools.

How to See?

First of all go to your Google Webmaster account. Click on "Search Appearance". The error showing under "HTML Improvement" section with "Duplicate meta Descriptions" and "Duplicate Title Tag". When you click on it it show something like ending your URL with .html and another one is ending with .html?m=0. 

Google Webmaster Tips

How to Fix This Problem?

  • Go to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Click On Blog You Want to Make Changes.
  • Go to Crawl and Click on "URL Parameters".
  • Now, Click On "Configure URL parameters »"
  • You'll See "m" Parameter, Click on Edit. (if you don't find parameter "m" add by yourself)
  • Choose "Yes Changes, reorder or narrows page content".
  • Now Select "No URLs".
  • Finally, Save Your Settings.
Its all done. Now, wait for some days and you will see the improvement in your duplicate meta description and title tag problem. If the above tip is not working then follow given steps:
  • Go to GWT » Select Your Blog.
  • Go to Crawl and Click on "URL Parameters".
  • Now, Click On "Configure URL parameters »"
  • Click on edit near the parameter "m".
  • Now choose this time "No, doesn't affect page content".
  • Save Your Settings.
I hope this tutorial solved your problem. This tutorial is recommended for blogger/blogspot users only. If you need our help then leave your comments below:


  1. Great explanation Gagan. Keep up to good work, Looking for more.

    Sanket Patil

    1. Thanks Sanket Patil. Keep in touch with us for more articles.

  2. Really Great sharing. always we have to focus for duplicate meta description and keyword density for better SEO Score

    1. SEO is most important factor to get rankings. Ehsan happy to see your comment here. :)

  3. Thank you very much for this post, i was looking for this and must say that i am happu that you have posted the answer :)
    Thank you

  4. Sir what option we need to select for - "How does this parameter affect page content?" or we should select none.