Sunday, July 21, 2013

How To Get More Traffic With SlideShare

Author: Gagan Masoun
Get More Traffic With SlideShareSlideshows are an on-screen presentation of suggestions/new projects presented on slides. Images and videos are important along with textual articles. But we are not giving importance to slideshows. However, we can get a lot of traffic with Slideshows there are so many slide sharing websites available such as SlideShare. Just optimization will not give you huge traffic. Today, In this article we will show you how to drive traffic for your website or blog with SlideShare.

If you have a list of websites which have a good reputation then congratulations because you can drive huge amount of traffic with the help of that websites for your blog content. Companies, schools and colleges are looking for slides on one topic or another at any given time.

For example, if you search Google for the keyword "How to get attention for anything", you'll see a slideshow by Jonny Li on the 1st page of Google! 

How to Optimize Your Slideshow

First of all make an account on SlideShare website, now learn how to optimize a slideshow to take benefit from it.

Pick a Suitable Keyword

If you're creating a slideshow then first of all research some great keywords for your slideshow. Choose 3-4 word keyword and 2-3 keywords are best for slideshow. Fill all fields properly such as Title, tags, description etc. 

Link to Your Blog/Site

Give more relevant link in your slideshow to your website or blog. 

Generating Traffic Using Your Slides

Share Your Slide

After creating a slideshow share it with your friends and on social networking websites. Because if your slideshow gets a lot of shares and views on the 1st day, SlideShare will feature your slideshow on the first page. So, Upload your slideshow in the morning time and ask your friends to share it.

Share on your own site

Also you can embed slides on your website or blog and share it with your loyal readers.

Optimize your personal profile

Add your an original picture to your profile. Fill out all the options in your about me section. 

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