Thursday, June 20, 2013

AdSense Publisher Scorecard: Improve Your Site’s Performance

Author: Gagan Masoun
AdSense Publisher Scorecard
Susan Wojcicki announced about a new feature during hangout with AdSense on 18th June at Google+, called Publisher Scorecard that has been added to your Google AdSense account. With it you can better understand and improve your site’s performance. It includes a summary of three important categories which are Revenue Optimization, Site Health and Google+ button Integration. You will see 1-5 blue dots score scale for each category.

In today's tutorial we will tell you about this great scoring tool and will learn how to optimize our websites and blogs to increase AdSense earning.

Scorecard Categories

See the three important black bolded categories which are further divided into sub categories:
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Site Health
  • Google+
Scorecard Categories

1. Revenue Optimization:

Revenue Optimization is important factor to increase your overall Page CTR and RPM. We received 2/5 ratings here and a yellow icon that indicates we should improve ad formats, Text and image ads enabled. Follow some tips below for optimization :

(a) Using Recommended Ad Formats
Try to use these ad formats 336x280, 300x250, 728x90 or 160x600. Always keep your Ads above the fold. Put 336x280 Text/Image Ad just below your Blog Post tiles and a 728x90 biggest leaderboard just below your blog header. Add a 160x600 skyscraper to your Sidebar.
Use Above the Fold tool to test if your ads are above the fold or not:

(b) Text and Image Ads Enabled

You should enable both text and images ads for mentioned above ad formats. Don't miss the great opportunity of an optimized CTR.

(c) Crawler Errors

Place all Jquery scripts within the <head> and </head> tags. Remove messy script from your template. Make sure you allow AdSense Googlebot to crawl your blog or website. Add the following line in your robots.txt file:
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

2. Site Health

For better rankings in Google search engine you need to improve your Page speed Performance. Google introduced PageSpeed tools last year which helps you to reduce load time of your webpages.

Page Speed Tool

3. Importance Of Google+ Button

Google has many ideas to promote their own social network. So don't forget to add Google+ buttons on your website and get maximum number of +1 recommendations for better search results.

How to Improve it?

Add a Google+ button below or above your blog posts and your sidebar. Also very useful for Google plus pages owner. If you have not yet created Google plus page for your blog/website, here is a handy guide to get started.

About Scorecard Symbols

1. Following are the three important Scores symbols and their description.
Score   Description
excellent scorecard Excellent! No need to make any changes to this category.
improvements needed - scorecard Improvements suggested. We are advised to make some further improvements to this item.
needs improvement - scorecard Needs improvement. Immediately take action to fix this item.

2. Symbols: Changes to the scores in your scorecard

It means that:
increase in blue dots - scorecard This category’s score has increased by one or more blue dots up to four blue dots.
decrease in blue dots - scorecard This category’s score has drop down by one or more blue dots down to three blue dots.
item score improvement This item’s score has gone up from “Needs improvement” to “Improvements suggested”.
item score gone down This item’s score has gone down from “Improvements suggested” to “Needs improvement”.

I hope you liked my work above. Give your comments below for any suggestions and questions. Stay Blessed. :)


  1. Good explanation on the recent AdSense tool. Hope, they start with auto-optimising blogs on their own Blogger platform.

    1. Thanks! PRABHAKAR for compliment. Yeah, I am also waiting for it :)