Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How To Remove Yourself From Following A Blog On Blogger

Author: Gagan Masoun
How To Remove Yourself From Following A Blog On Blogger
If you're a follower of any blog that means you like that blog or you can say that fan of blog. If any of your blog follower ask a question that how to unfollow your blog on blogger, that sounds so painful! Notifications from following blogs appear at the bottom of your Blogger dashboard. But sometimes you don't want to see these updates. So, if you are searching a way to unfollow a blog then you are at right place.

Today in this short guide, we will show you How to stop following a certain Blog in Blogger. If you are providing bad quality of the content then you will lose your followers. 



Go to your Blogger dashboard. Now follow this link http://www.blogger.com/manage-blogs-following.g (List of following blogs).

Just select the “Setting” link located  next to every site that you are currently engaging. Now, you'll see a new window would pop out. Click the link “Stop following this site” and confirm that you want to “Stop following” this blog.

According to Blogger's official announcement Google Friend Connect is not a reliable service anymore, so try to use Google+ Followers widget for your blogs. Share your suggestions and views in comments. Stay Blessed :)

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