Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Easy Way To See How Many People Read Your Google+ Posts

Author: Gagan Masoun
An Easy Way To See How Many People Read Your Google+ PostsIf you'd like to know how many visitors read any of your posts (pictures) on Google Plus, here's how. As you know that all Google Plus images are uploaded on Picasa. Picasa shows the number of views for every image. According to me you should upload a picture with your post or links.

Because, by uploading a picture with your posts, you can track how many readers read the post by seeing Picasa's report on how many user saw uploaded photo.

According to our research, Picasa tracks only "unique visitors," not "every hit" So if single person looks at it hundred of times, the number will reflect only the single person.

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See How Many People Read Your Google+ Posts

The Hidden G+ Photo Stats - How-To

2)  Click on the Photos from Posts (or an album if you post in a particular album)
3)  Click on the photo.
4)  Click on the photo AGAIN. See under the photo for the number of views.

You can try this trick also, click on the picture of any Google+ post, then scroll down to the bottom of the white space on the right side until you get to Photo Details. Click on the down arrows to see "Views." See above screenshot for an example:

We hope that this short G+ trick helped you to see how many people read your Google+ posts. Thanks to Trey Ratcliff for this useful tip. If you have any idea or questions, feel free to ask us via comments below. God Bless!!

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