Friday, May 3, 2013

When Will Be The Google's Next PageRank Update?

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google's Next PageRank Update
After last Page Rank update in 4th February 2013 now everyone is thinking about the Google's next PageRank update. PageRank (PR) updates are very important for Business, blogs and search engine experts all over the world. It plays a major role in ranking of website in Search Engine, it also determines authority of any website or blog.

High PageRank means tons of Traffic and more money. SEO companies, Webmaster, Bloggers and ‘eCommerce website owners’ are very much interested in Google PR update.

Recently, our readers asked us so many questions related to PR updates. Such as:

Google Pagerank Update Schedule
  • Next Google Pagerank Update Schedule for 2013?
  • When Google will update pagerank?
  • What’s next Pr update schedule?
  • When was the last time that Google's PageRank has been updated?
I've decide to write article about expected date, when will Google update pagerank. These are only expected date NOT confirmed.

On 4th Feb 2013 it was 1st page rank update of 2013. Usually, Google updates the page rank about four times a year so the next update should take place in the June or July month.

Expected dates of Next Google PageRank Update for year 2013 are:

1. Google January PageRank 2013 Update
Expected time: 28 Jan, 2013 – 6 Feb, 2013 (Confirmed)

2. Google June PageRank 2013 Update
Expected time: 27 Jun – 7 July, 2013

3. Google October PageRank 2013 Update
Expected time: 29 Sep – 4 Oct, 2013

4. Google December PageRank 2013 Update
Expected time: 24 Dec – 29 Dec 2013

How To Check Page Rank?

Check your website or blog PR online, to do this follow given steps:
  • Go To Google PageRank Checker Tool
  • Enter Your Website URL.
  • Press "Check PR" Button and Your PR Will Be Displayed.

How to Increase PageRank?

Here I am sharing some premium tips and tricks to increase your Blog's PR for next pagerank update.
We hope above useful tips will help you to increase page rank in the next Google's Pr update. Here is How do PageRank updates work?

What you expect from next pagerank update? Do you have any idea about the next pagerank update? What’s your current pagerank of website/blog?

Do share with us below via comments. Love you all <3

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  1. Its really nice sharing about Google Pagerank update.keep it up.
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  2. Last time Google Dis pointed because they did not updated Pagerank in month of July. But we want to positive response Google in next pagerank.

    1. Yes, Google should update their pagerank algorithm now.

  3. It was last updated a long time ago, i waiting and waiting and check my pagerank daily. I suggest a good historical pagerank checker tool: