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Embed YouTube Videos Without Increasing Load Time

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Embed YouTube Videos Without Increasing Load Time
With YouTube you can share your videos with family, friends and the whole world. As per Alexa rankings YouTube is one of the most popular website. Bloggers use YouTube videos to explain the tutorials properly and viewers also love this way. But when you embed YouTube video on your blog using official IFRAME code, you’ll be shocked to know how much extra load time that video taking.

Today, in this short tutorial I am going to share awesome trick with all of you that "How to Embed YouTube Videos Without Increasing Load Time." Take a look at tutorial:

See the example above, We tested one of embedded YouTube video. It has to download additional ~ 405.6 kB of products (JavaScript, CSS, Templates, PNG & JPG Image files) for giving the video player alone and these useless products will download even if your blog readers has decided not to watch the embedded YouTube video.

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How To Embed YouTube Videos (Easy Way)

The basic embed code for YouTube videos looks something like this.

<iframe width="450" height="210

But, you can use the given code to reduce loading time. Just replace the height (pink color), width (pink color) and the Youtube ID (red color) in the code and then copy-paste it anywhere in your blog posts or web pages.

<div class="youtube" id="TGplftLI9Fo" style="width: 450px; height: 210px;"></div>
<script src=""></script>

I hope it will help you to reduce your page load time. If you want to re-share this code with your readers. Please give us link back as a little credit. Thanks :)

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