Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Matt Cutts: Is WordPress or Blogger Better For SEO?

Author: Gagan Masoun
Is WordPress or Blogger Better For SEO?
Without SEO your website or blog is nothing. Because, If you're not getting traffic from search engines then do not think that your blog will get better rankings. So many people ask this question, which platform is better for SEO - Wordpress or Blogger, Matt Cutts answers with single video via Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel.

I would always suggest both are better, because if you get good links and if you have good content. I've used Blogspot for 2 years and it made my life joyful and will surely be a blessing to you too. Blogger is the best free Blogging Service available in Blogosphere if equipped with a good web hosting service.

Matt Cutts work for company that provides Blogger but for his personal hosted on WordPress. But, Blogger is very simple and very easy to get started. It's in the cloud you don't need to download and install any software yourself. For better or worse if you install software yourself you're usually not patching it so it's easier to get. If you just want do casual blogging or try to help fellow bloggers then blogger is fantastic.

WordPress has a lot of flexibility, you can customize everything. In particular you can say I want my post to be having this pacific you were on, you can select those words at least back in the day. With blogger when you wrote your blog post whatever you wrote would determine what the euro would be and you didn't have the ability to individually controlled. They both have pros and cons. Both work very well in terms of ranking well in search engines.
Following are some limitations on content storage and bandwidth per user account in Blogger:
  • Blog description = 500 characters. HTML mark up not supported.
  • Number of blogs = 100 blogs per account.
  • Number of labels = 5,000 unique labels per blog, 20 unique labels per post
  • Number of pictures = Up to 5 GB of free storage. Stored at Picasa.
  • Number of posts = Unlimited.
  • Static Pages = Limited to 20 stand-alone pages.
  • Team members (those who can write to a blog) = 100 per blog.
  • Size of pages = Individual pages (the main page of a blog or archive pages) are limited to 1 MB
  • Size of photos = Photos are scaled to 1600px
Blogger is probably a little somebody start out and it's good in the fact that since it's in crowd you know we're going to impact were craps is maybe a little more effort because you can configure it yourself. But ultimately give you more flexibility and may be a little bit more power. Eventually over time you can always I think both have ways we can import and export your content so it's not like you necessarily locked in forever. You should try out both because both can work very well in terms of SEO. 

Author - Gagan Masoun is the owner of Blogs Daddy Blog.Gagan lives in India, has been blogging since 2010 and writing Blogs Daddy Blog since 2011.You can find him in the usual social networks.


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