Friday, March 22, 2013

Google Webmasters Tools Help For Hacked Sites

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google Webmasters Tools Help For Hacked SitesHundreds of websites hacked daily by professional hackers. Hackers may have infected your website or blog with harmful code, which can trace login credentials for online banking or financial transactions etc. An open source platform always has its wizard and honesty. Website hacking is a common technology work now.

PHP based sites (WordPress) which are self-hosted and managed by an individual always leave loop holes for MYSQL injection and other unfortunate sever attacks.

Google announced about “Help for Hacked Sites” video series to teach webmasters how to avoid getting hacked in the first place – and how to recover their sites if it happens. Now, Google Webmasters Tools help for your hacked websites

If you’re a site owner and you see

There are 2 steps to survive with your hacked website. In the first steps watch the overview (video). After reviewing the first step, you've completed the first step properly. Second step has seven sub parts.

Step 2 is next in the recovery process

Google’s publicly-available website diagnostic tool is also useful, it will tell your website's current status, how Google visited your site etc. To use it, visit the following URL, with your website appended at the end.

Diagnostic page - Google Tool

Note: Replace yellow highlighted website URL with your own.

You can watch all the videos below:

Help For Hacked Sites: Overview

Contact Your Host and Build a Support Team

Quarantine Your Site

Touch Base With Webmaster Tools

Assess The Damage (Hacked With Spam)

File System Damage Assessment

Assess The Damage (Hacked With Malware)

Identify The Vulnerability

Clean and Maintain Your Site

Request A Review

Server Configuration

SQL Injection

Code Injection

Error Template

Google Webmasters Tools Help for hacked sites can be found at I hope you enjoyed this article. See you soon with more exciting tutorials. Give your comments below. Stay Blessed :)

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  1. Gagan, thanks for this detailed and highly informative post. Hacking has become a major challenge online. everyday, several websites are hacked, either for fun or for the purpose of obtaining the site owner's details. Some are even hacked with the intent to maliciously destroy all that one has laboured for.
    It is good to do all that you can humanly do to protect your site from being hacked. Even if you cannot completely stop it, you can at least reduce the chances of being hacked by half.

    1. Yes, you are right @Efoghor Joseph Ezie, We should take back up on daily basis of our all data. I am glad to see your comment on my blog. Keep in touch,