Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Google Adsense Guidelines For Monetizing Flash Gaming Sites

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google Adsense Guidelines For Monetizing Flash Gaming Sites
Google Adsense updated special guidelines for monetizing flash gaming sites. Popular flash gaming websites are making a lot of money with GA program. We can enjoy our free time by playing online games. Google has received lot of queries about their policies related to Flash gaming sites in the past time.

So in this article you'll get your answers including using the right product and Tips for placing Google ads on game play pages which give useful tips on how ads should be tackled. Read about some content issues regarding gaming web pages and others.

Monetizie Family Safe Content

If you have a flash gaming website then congratulations, because you can monetize flash games, but their  policies do not allow monetizing games with sexual or violent content. Always avoid spam comments and profane language on gaming sites.

Keep Distance Between Google Ads and Game

With invalid click activity you can lose your Adsense acccount, So if you want to reduce the risk of invalid click activity then keep distance between ads and Flash game. They strongly recommend a distance of at least 150 pixels b/w the ads and the game. However, some games may require a greater distance based on the type of game and how it is played. For better understanding see heat map below:

Google Adsense Guidelines For Monetizing Flash Gaming Sites

AFC As Pre-Roll

AdSense for games (AFG) is a unique Google product made specifically for the monetization of Flash games. You can not use AdSense for content (AFC) ads on Flash game sites. It is against GA. If you want to use Google ads to your game site, you should apply for AFG. You can get more information about AFG, here.

Always respect Google Adsense policies to make good money from your Flash gaming websites. If you have any question in your mind then ask me via comments. Stay Blessed :)

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  1. I heard that flash type sites are tough for SEO.. is it true?? Otherwise great news for those bloggers running flash gaming sites.

    1. Thanks for comment here @Daniel Benny Simanjuntak, I just replied on your G+ profile also. :), keep in touch