Friday, February 15, 2013

How To View The Google Cache Of Any Website

Author: Gagan Masoun
How To View The Google Cache Of Any Website
Google takes a snapshot of every web page. Google Cache is the most important part of Google Web Search. If a webpage is not responding due to server error or taking too much time for loading, you can check the cached copy of that webpage from Google servers back-up. In this short tutorial I will tell you how to check Google Cache Of Any Website. You will learn two methods here.

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How To Check The Google Cache In Google Search

You can directly find out the “Cached” link in Google search results but with Instant Previews. You can see Cached links only when you hover the mouse over a search result (for example see screenshot below).

Google Cache In Google Search Results

How To Open Google Cached Pages

Here is another method to check Google cached version of any webpage. Just follow given below steps:
  • Go to and Type cache:<Website URL> In The Search Box. See Example below
  • It Automatically Redirects You To The Cached Copy Of That Page.
Google cached version

If you are using Google Chrome browser, then enter “cache:” before the web page URL in Chrome’s address bar and hit enter, you'll see cached version of the page. Post your queries below in comment box.

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  1. I remember when cache had bailed us out in a legal case. Some bloke deleted content from his website thinking that now it is gone forever. When we displayed it to him, he panicked and the rest is history. A really cool feature.

    1. Yes, Amod if Google get report of any illegal link they remove link from search and cached also.