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How To Tag Images In Blogger Blog To Drive Traffic?

Author: Gagan Masoun
How To Tag Images In Blogger Blog To Drive Traffic?Your should have a great knowledge exact way of Optimizing images in blogger or WordPress blog. Google logs 2.5 billion searches a day. So probably 350 million people use Google a day. Every blogger, webmaster, student or any normal net user everyone looks for images that could be added to their Facebook profiles, mobile screen, articles, slide shows and etc.

A huge amount of our blog traffic depends on Image search. We upload beautiful images to our every blog posts in order to attract people attention but we don’t just upload them we TAG them! An image is useless for search spiders if it is not assigned (TAGGED). Let's start reading,

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What Is Image Tag?

It is a normal HTML code that allows search robots what the image is all about. It is the structure of an image. Rich keywords are good option for tagging an image. Find the example of an image HTML code.
<img src="IMAGE LINK" />
This above code will display an image on your blog. But the code is incomplete, robots can not recognize what the image is all about. It can't judge if it is an image on Make Money Online or Blogging Tips. So. Must add an alt Tag. For Example:

<img src="IMAGE LINK" alt="Blogging Tips" />
Yellow highlighted code tells Search engine robots that the image being displayed is about "Blogging Tips". Alt tag is a short HTML code i.e. alt="" and you have to add the description of image between the inverted commas.

What Are Optimized Image Tags?

Only alt tag will not optimize your image properly. So click here and read all the tips under "Tips For An Optimized Image Ending Point".

How To Add Alt Tags To Blogger Images?

Now let's take a look at how you can add an image alt tag for images in Blogger.

1. First off, you need to have the image uploaded to your post or page.

2. Click on the specific image in Post Editor which you wanna add image alt tag.

3. Now you will see image options panel beneath the image and click Properties there.


4. Now you will see a pop-up window. Enter your title and alt text in it. See screenshot below:

Title and Alt Text - Blogger

5. Click on OK button and It's All Done. See final result below. Enjoy :-)

Taj Mahal

Need Help?

Hope this little guides proves helpful for all of you. Now, I'd love to hear from you. I'm all ears here. Please add your comment below. Got queries? Do not hesitate to ask questions you have related to this post too. Let's join the conversation.

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