Thursday, January 10, 2013

14 Recycling Facts and Tips In GMail Trash Folder

Author: Gagan Masoun
14 Recycling Facts and Tips In GMail Trash Folder
Gmail is a free email service provided by search giant Google, is one of the world's most famous email services. With the help of Gmail you can send free SMS or call to any mobile. You can use your Google/Gmail account for other web services, such as Google Drive, Google Plus, Orkut, Picasa and Google Wallet.

World's number one search engine Google doesn't monetize GMail's Trash area. Instead, it shows some popular recycling tips as you can see in this screenshot below.

14 Recycling Facts and Tips In GMail Trash Folder

List Of 14 Recycling Tips and Facts Collected From GMail Trash Area.

  1. Recycling a 3-foot-high stack of newspapers can save one whole tree.
  2. Newspapers can be reused as wrapping paper for gifts.
  3. Film canisters can be reused to store nails, screws, buttons and pins.
  4. Recycled cans can be made into airplanes, appliances, furniture and more.
  5. Recycled plastic bottles can be made into rugs, jackets, fences and more.
  6. Junk mail and newspaper can be reused as package stuffing.
  7. You can make a lovely hat out of previously-used aluminum foil.
  8. Recycled paper takes about 60% less energy and water to make than new paper.
  9. There is no limit to the number of times an aluminum can can be recycled.
  10. Empty tissue boxes can provide easy and handy storage for plastic grocery bags.
  11. Unneeded printouts can be cut and stapled to make notepads.
  12. Plastic bags can be reused as bin liners or package stuffing.
  13. Recycled glass bottles can be made into roads, tiles, even surfboards.
  14. Rubber shoe soles can be recycled to make basketball courts and soccer fields.
I hope you like this article. Did I missed any points? Do let me know in comments! The next time you decide to empty that Trash folder, don't forget to read above recycling tips. Stay Blessed :)

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  1. hey gagan!!can you plz let me know about how to use google free phone services like if i am using my pc at same time but i want to call on mobile????

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    1. Hello Gagan Veer,

      Click the 'Call phone' link in your chat roster and use the dialpad to make calls. Only to U.S. and Canadian mobile and landline numbers. If you’re an international Gmail user, sorry—no free calls for you.

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