Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Style Of Google Image Search With MetaData

Author: Gagan Masoun
New Style Of Google Image Search With MetaData
If you're looking for search images then Google is the best option for this purpose. Google provides you the most accurate image search results. According to latest tech news, Search engine giant Google is now releasing a brand new amended structure for its image search, improving its pursuance, and making the image's MetaData now visible to searchers.

Now, when you search images in Google, you'll see MetaData also. Let's read the full article.

What's Different With Google Image Search?

Google always try to give something different to their users. They have changed the style for image search to bring a more useful experience to its users. I personally liked the new style of Google images search, because its amazing experience. New interface is very fast and attractive.

The most powerful point (which is beneficial for bloggers, you'll read shortly) is that, an image's Metadata is showed right next to image results (after click on image). So, now you can see all the information without open up a new tab or redirect to another page.

New Style Of Google Image Search With MetaData

What Does Benefit For Bloggers?

Google says that these new updates have increased the overall CTR for images. So, Blogger should need to optimizing their blog images. If you want more traffic for your blog then try to add 2-3 images in your blog post with proper tagging: Alt, Title and Description.
If your images created with valuable metadata (tags and caption). This will help your images get a high rank in image search results, as well as ensure a good click through rate for your images.

Remember Notes: This update is being introduced, and will take few more days to be launched properly. So if you don't see any MetaData with images, try after few days or so. Keep in touch with us for more latest news. Join our conversation for any suggestions. God Bless :)

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