Thursday, December 6, 2012

Google Video About HTML Meta Tag Verification

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google Video About HTML Meta Tag Verification
If you are using Google Webmaster Tool for your website or blog then you know very well about HTML Meta Tag Verification feature. In this tutorial latest Webmaster Help video from Google come from Maile Ohye. It’s all about HTML meta tag verification in Google Webmaster Tools. This video is very useful for fresher bloggers and webmasters.

Bloggers are fan of Matt Cutt's videos from YouTube's Google Webmaster Help channel. This video is nice to see some of the rest of the team take on subjects from time to time.

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Maile Ohye is member of Google's Webmaster support team. She will help you with the HTML Meta Tag and Verification in Google webmaster tool.

Webmaster Tools - Verify ownership

“Verifying ownership of your website or blog in Webmaster Tools provides you and Google a secure channel for giving and receiving information,” she says. “Including a specific HTML tag is only one of several ways you can verify ownership of your site. It’s a great option if you’re familiar with HTML code like head, title and body tags, and you know where and how to edit this content or if you’re using a content management system or CMS like Google Sites, be sure to follow any specific instructions from your provider.”

She advised that, “If HTML tags look and sound like gibberish, then perhaps give another one of the verification methods a try”.

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