Friday, December 7, 2012

Google AdSense Tips: Different Forms Of Invalid Activity

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google AdSense Tips: Different Forms Of Invalid ActivityGoogle provides an environment where Advertisers, Publishers and Users do business with each other.Everyone depends on everyone else. Google published a video on Adsene YouTube channel that how to handles terminating and/or suspending AdSense accounts, and the related appeals process.

In this video, Google team'll explain a few different forms of invalid activity. You can learn useful information about invalid activity and Adsense policies.

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There are many forms of invalid traffic. One form of invalid traffic when publisher click on the ads on their own website. Another form of invalid activity, serving Google Ads under fake titles such as: Please Help!!! Click!!, Click To Support My Website etc. Using robots/software for generating fake (automated) clicks. If you want to know more forms then watch the video below. Go ahead and make perfect yourself:

Google is also sending more details about the causes of invalid activity by emails to the account owner with useful instructions when detected.

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  1. Some one click on my ads & adsense disable my account how I can enable my account?

    Thank You

    1. Contact with Adsense team directly by Email and give them clarification.