Sunday, November 11, 2012

Latest Google PageRank Update November 2012

Author: Gagan Masoun
Latest Google PageRank Update November 2012
Search giant Google has been updated their PageRank data in November 2012. The previous PageRank update was done in August 2012 and the one before that on May 2012. So it's pretty obvious that Google is now coming with updates after 3 months. Google can update next PageRank data in February 2013.

I congratulate everyone whose PR didn't drop and whose got PR. Keep in mind that Google PR should not a priority for you - learn here why.

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This blog (Blogs Daddy) successfully successfully running at PageRank of 2, and same goes for our sister blog Punjabi Poetry and Indi Articles which retained its PR of 3 as well.

What Should Your Priority Be?

As written before, PR is just important for advertising purpose. I am going to explain other important factors also. Your strong readership, fan following and social link sharing is the proof for your PageRank.

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Before advertisement on your blog advertisers always want to know about your blog traffic stats, and Alexa ranking. This is what I've been explaining about, instead of PR. As a result, Blogs Daddy has reached an Alexa of 52,593 worldwide.

Share Your PR On Blogs Daddy!

So, did you get PR for your blog or change in PR? Do let us know via comments and also feel free to ask any SEO related questions here. Happy Blogging and Stay Blessed :)

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  1. I Got PR 1 and I am very Happy About Your PR.

    1. Thanks @Gurpreet... Congratulations...!! Keep it up :)