Monday, October 15, 2012

With Google Fiber Internet How TV Become A Reality

Author: Gagan Masoun
With Google Fiber Internet How TV Became A Reality
The broadcasting of television content observed a deviation from air waves to cable and dish. Its next step is towards the internet. A simple modification in the technique of broadcasting has the potential to lead to an exponential improvement in content and an absolutely fresh approach to marketing.

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Fiber-Optic Communication:

Fiber-optic communication refers to the technique of sending information from one location to another by transmitting pulses of light employing an optical fiber. It has tremendously modernized the telecommunications industry and is widely preferred over electrical transmission. Optical fibers have extensively substituted copper wire communications in interior networks.

The term fiber-optic cable is used whenever people refer to telephone system, cable TV system, and internet. Fiber-optic lines are very thin strings of glass which are optically untainted. They have the capability to carry digital information over long distances.

The technology of fiber-optic internet usually comprises of an optical transmitter that can convert an electrical signal into an optical one. This signal is sent into the optical fiber where it is routed through underground channels and different kinds of amplifiers. When this amplified signal reaches an optical receiver, it is restored as an electrical signal.

Google Fiber Internet:

It is a different kind of internet that offers a connection speed which is much faster than the present broadband connections. It promises immediate downloads and clear high-definition TV.

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Google Fiber is basically an experimental venture that is conducted to build a broadband internet network employing fiber-optic communication. This service is tested in Kansas City, Kansas as well as Kansas City, Missouri. A viable selection procedure was followed to decide the location.

Packages Offered:

Google Fiber internet offers three services to its consumers. You can get any of the following packages and you can get Spanish Channels if you sign up for Dish Latino by following this link.
  • The first offer combines gigabit internet with TV programming into a single package costing $120 per month. It includes the Nexus 7 tablet, TV box, digital video recorder, router, and 1TB Google Drive account. You would need a Google Drive account in order to store all your files, documents, photos, and videos. The monthly payment of this package handles all the taxes and other fees.
  • The second package comprises of solely gigabit internet at the cost of $70 per month. It includes a network box and 1GB Google Drive account. The contract for this package remains valid for a year.
  • As for the third package, Google offers free internet. It allows downloads up to 5 MBPS as well as 1 MBPS upload speeds.
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Google Fiber Internet Revolutionizes TV:

Google Fiber offers extensive internet speed along with great TV packages. It is almost 100 times faster than the usual broadband connections. It implies that you would not have to endure the tortures of “buffering” before watching any video. Similarly, you would be able to enjoy virtually instantaneous downloads, uploads, and you can get Spanish Channels if you sign up for Dish Latino by following this link.

Another TV feature provided by Google Fiber is DVR. This digital video recorder enables you to record eight TV shows straight away. The TV service comprises of almost 160 channels. It also includes Nexus 7 tablet which majorly plays the role of a remote control.

Customers are given the freedom to select different offered services at different prices. They have an option to select either the gigabit internet service or internet along with TV.

Google has offered innovative capabilities in video searching. For instance, it permits users to search their DVR, fiber TV program, and other online TV services like Netflix. Its fast-speed network enables it to deliver the best-quality video in HD on various devices. You can use your tablets and mobile phones to enjoy these videos.

One of the biggest concerns that Google has faced with its Google TV product is the lack of content. Currently, Google Fiber TV lacks many first-class channels such as HBO and ESPN. But, it is reported that more channels will be added in near future. The company is currently focused on local feedback but the amount of money invested in the project assures that this service will eventually find its way in the rest of the world.
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