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Top 8 Ways Of Learning Financial Literacy From Technology Bloggers

Author: Gagan Masoun
Top 8 Ways Of Learning Financial Literacy From Technology Bloggers
Financial literacy is not an unfamiliar term for most of us. We earn money to meet ends. However, it would not be wise to spend all that we earn. Savings are an integral part of running a household efficiently while saving for a rainy day as well. Financial literacy is not confined to economists or accountants as it is mainly a matter of common sense. Internet is the best medium to learn and share new things and enhance your skills.

Technology has played a vital role in making people learn financial literacy. Bloggers, on the other hand, are doing a great job helping people devise suitable and simple ways to educate themselves in this area. In this article we will explain 8 ways of learning financial literacy from technology experts.

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1. Online Games

There are several online games developed by software experts. For example, D2D Fund is an organization that helps strengthen financial security of moderate and low income earning consumers. They have developed several online games in this regard. The company has helps consumers by way of resourceful financial products. Some of their games are extremely useful, for example, Bite Club. It is an online game based on vampire themes that helps gamers learn how to pay their debts, save for retirement and manage their spending wisely.

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2. Moneytopia

Moneytopia is an online game that teaches military families lessons on how to spend and save their money. This format has helped a lot people develop understanding of basic finance concepts and their applications in practical lives. For example, when the gamers learn the skill to work out a situation in the game, it also gives them an insight on how to tackle the same in real life.

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3. Web Forum Discussions

Web forum discussions are best ways for beginners to learn new techniques from bloggers. A lot of learned and experienced people use these forums to help young people and beginners learn new skills. Through online forums, everyone gets a fair chance to speak their mind and ask for help. Web forums discussions give useful insight into the ideas and financial practices of people from diverse sectors of the society.

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4. Software

Tech bloggers are also well aware of the best software available for help people learn financial literacy. Web discussion forums are great places where people can learn from each other about the features, benefits, and other aspects on financial literacy. Beginners can take lots of advice from experienced individuals.  Moreover, people who have specialized in budgeting and financing techniques can also be very helpful for beginners.

5. Financial Models

Financial models are being widely used in all organizations. These models are developed in accordance with the rising needs of people who want to learn more about how to learn the tips and tricks of financial modeling. These models are based upon different aspects of finance. Technology bloggers can help people understand the use, scope, and features of these financial models.

6. New Theories

There are various theories brought forward by economists. These theories are excellent ways to learn financial literacy. These theories help people prepare small budgets, learn how to integrate financial accounts, categorize transactions, and increase savings. Tech bloggers can be of great help for people who are new to learning these theories. People can also learn new things about retirement plans, savings, paying debt, investment plans, and everything else that they need to know about financial planning.

7. Financial Management

Financial management is an integral part of learning financial literacy. Every person who wants to master the art of handling finances efficiently should learn financial management. It is the process of classifying costs, financial planning, preparing budgets, variances, paying debt and much more. This also helps you focus on your income earning potential and devise ways to increase it.

8. Finance Based Blogs and Websites

A lot of finance based websites are a great way to learn new things, tips, and techniques on how to improve financial performance. Blogs are written in the simplest form so even an average Joe can understand what is being taught. People can learn a lot of new content, concepts, ideas and financial literacy techniques from these websites and blogs.

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Through these mediums one can learn anything from the basics to the most complicated of Financial Literacy theories. How much one learns depends on personal interest. It is recommended that you refer to a business dictionary in order to understand finance jargon that most gurus use while explaining such topics.

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