Friday, October 19, 2012

SEO Tips For Small Businesses

Author: Gagan Masoun
SEO Tips For Small Businesses
In the present economy, marketing small businesses need all marketing techniques they can study. A small business may not have the personnel, time and finances for ads that bigger brands have. However none of those will be needed for search engines. SEO is a good way to improve market share and to level the battle field.

All you would need are these techniques and good internet providers in order to maximize your business website’s SEO.

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Content, Content and More Relevant Content. 

Content rules and search engines constantly look for unique content. The more helpful and informative your website’s contents are, the greater is the probability that searches will discover your brand and products. There are some ways to turn everything in your business into helpful content. 

Here are some tricks:
  1. Transcribe videos to turn it to text. These videos can be product DVDs, interviews, etc.
  2. Transform support emails to FAQ pages for your website.
  3. Convert PDFs to HTML.
  4. Begin by taking videos about your services and products.

Make Your Website More Personal

A small business has something that a big company doesn't have and it’s called: CHARACTER. Creating this character and making a voice out of this character gives you authority within your market, aside from improving customer trust. Buyers appreciate reviews and recommendations especially from people they know. Buyers use search engines to compare products. Comparisons don’t just come between prices but also among customer reviews.

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Use SEO For Local Searches

Small businesses should take advantage of local searches. This is true because more than half of all buyers turn to search engines to obtain information about local businesses.

Maximize Your Website’s Speed

Some local websites can be really slow. Site speed is often overlooked by most website owners. Lately, Google has included speed into their algorithm for search rankings and now it’s time to check your website’s loading speed. More important than search rankings when improving website speeds is improving customer satisfaction. Imagine how annoying it can get for a buyer who has to wait for your website to load before he can even choose among your products! To check what’s taking ages for your page to load, you can get help from tools like Web Page Analyzer.

Filter Internal Links

Internal links can help improve your website’s rank but there are a lot of website owners who still don’t know that it can take some time and effort on their part to link to their older posts for them to enjoy the benefits. Linking older posts in your articles is not only beneficial for SEO; it can also improve customer experience. 
You can add related products, posts and sitemap in order to have search engines and visitors feel satisfied. Featuring popular or most read posts or products is also good to make sure the best content you can offer is constantly getting more attention.

Make Content For Humans

Remember that only real people can link to your website and they are the ones who will buy from you. If you aim to obtain more inbound links and keep your customers, you have to write for real people (your customers). 

Author - Daphne enjoys writing on all things technical for Broadband Expert. Her daily routine consists of drinking coffee, keeping up on the latest news in technology, as well as blogging and guest posting.


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